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the battle over cannabinoids in congress

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While the Controlled Substance Act of 1972 defined what cannabis is and isn't federally regulated, a perceived loophole in the 2018 Farm Bill has regulators up in arms and even some consumers concerned.

In the U.S. any material with a THC content greater than 0.3% by weight is a federally regulated substance since the passing of the Controlled Substance Act in 1972- and cannot be sold without a license and is still illegal to possess in some states, where states have not written their own new laws outlining circumstances of exemption from the CS Act, for producers, retailers and consumers.

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Some investors saw the Farm Bill as a reiteration that all cannabinoids other than THC were legal to sell nationally, literally without any applicable regulation or law.

Delta8, THCA, isolated CBD and other cannabinoid dominant edible products appeared often in somewhat ridiculously large doses- a reveal on their low absorption rates- in convenience stores, especially in states where medicinal or recreational cannabis programs did not exist.

And they were, given the nature of our culture, on occasion at least- consumed to excess, concerning some regulators.

Even in legal states. Two ER nurses SKMS works with, have attested to witnessing hundreds of Cannabis Hyperemesis Cases since the Maine Medical Cannabis Program was enacted.

But a bigger elephant was in the corner of the new cannabinoid regulations room, which both consumers and regulators were slow to notice, but are beginning to dial in on.

For regulators the elephant was hidden in the regulation, which viewed cannabis as a collection of identifiable components, called 'cannabinoids'.

For the consumers the elephant was the noticeable but undefined difference between what some knew as a traditional cannabis experience, and this new version.. which was a bit different, and was the cause of a brand new experience- cannabis toxicity events.

Often questions are flawed by their assumptions, but the assumptions have a way of revealing themselves. Through the concerns of some fairly conservative or industry motivated lobbyists, a key point was realized: we know cannabis is safe. But isolated cannabinoids... are not cannabis, they are isolated molecules, with no safe use history or safety research data. And they are being marketed primarily, not because they are what consumers demand, but because they are a unregulated means for investors to profit from regulatorily denied consumer demand.

In fact, isolate cannabinoids also have a known allergic reaction, called Cannabis Hyperemesis which is essentially the body's increasing allergic reaction to isolated unnaturally occurring compounds. Continued daily consumption can lead to chronic nausea and more, as many ER Nurses attest to. Once Medicare creates a code for this condition, regulation occurs by default as products become uninsurable, and likely without access to banking.

Worthy of note, is the fact that cannabinoid isolates are not only incapable of consistent absorption, but also incapable of delivering any of the healing performances cannabis is known for. The very subjects which caused Cannabis' original liberation: seizure cessation and cancer relief, cannot be consistently or even accomplished with any Cannabinoid isolate.

To make the issues more complicated for regulators and consumers, the hemp derived isolate industry is plagued with bad actors. Evidence? The term 'CBD Receptor' is practically a household name .. when in fact... there is no such thing.

CBD cannot actually be absorbed without other cannabinoids. And there is no docking station where the isolated CBD molecule lands and delivers some benefit... just fake marketing from greedy investors who clearly have little regard for public safety.

SKMS capsules available on adhere to two guiding regulations: medicinally licensed production standards, and Controlled Substance Act Exempt. DEA, FDA, FTC and CS Act compliant, delivering the safer and consistent symptom relief that the American public demands as alternative to the most often toxic pharma options.

More importantly however, to both safety, long standing federal compliance and consistent performance, is SKMS capsule's wholeplant composition which maximizes the safety and efficacy of bonded cannabinoids. This is the 'Cannabis' with thousands of years of safe use history. Adopted to conventional Pharmaceutical grade standards for a modernized accessibility to consumers and healthcare.

Years of doctor recommendations, clinical trials and countless life changing testimonials, many from healthcare leaders themselves, attest to the non intoxicating, symptom relieving performances of SKMS capsule formulas.

While concerning to many, Consumers' and Regulators' growing awareness of the differences in both safety and performance between ancient human medicine is a step in the right direction.

Rarely does government solve social policy challenges successfully with regulation. However, the highlighting by politicians of the exploitation of consumers' inability to access Cannabis markets with large dose isolate products exempt from regulations, often with risks to public safety and without substantiated safety histories, in the long term, is likely a benefit for the Cannabis story and its future integration as main stream medicine. Isolate cannabinoids, after all.. truly are not cannabis.

So what's next? Likely a lot of discussions about what is wholeplant and what is not.

Its a bumpy road, but we take the high ground, and the story keeps growing. The opportunity to help so many lives, to relieve so much suffering in such a safer way, has always garnered SKMS support from Consumers and Regulators alike, sometimes, even the same people!

Best Wishes on your healing journey! Have questions about what SKMS product would best relieve your symptoms, or assist healing of a chronic health journey? Send us SKMS expert Certified Healthcare Cannabis Science Educators your questions!


SKMS & RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine May 23, 2024

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