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Cannabis medicine...
What happened, and why it's different now.

Cannabis medicines were legalized and regulated in some U.S. states following a concentrate of Cannabis flowers, called Rick Simpson Oil, named for a Nova Scotia man who created, or rediscovered it, after being told by a Canadian Hospital his condition was untreatable. In the early 2000s, this plant oil resembling molasses, was presented to Colorado state government by pediatric health advocates and subsequently found various forms of qualified legalization for medicinal use in many states of the U.S.


At the time, promises of Cannabis providing relief for serious treatment side effects or replacing common harmful prescriptions flooded Science Ted Talks and the Media. The Israeli military spent millions in researching cannabinoid pediatric health solutions. Tremendous research was done documenting Cannabis concentrates and the Endocannabinoid Systems' multitude of methods providing consistent cellular healing activity to chronic illness. Amazing science was documented. 


Yet twenty years later, real endocannabinoid health solutions for most Americans, for even common symptom relief, still lack accessibility, and are often confusing, difficult, or impossible products to integrate as a predictable daily solution and often from questionable sources with little product documentation. 

So, what happened?

To avoid exceeding THC content limits mandated by law, manufacturers separated, or ‘isolated’ the marketable components of cannabis compounds in harvested plants using modern chemistry processes, so that THC could be accurately measured for predictable and legal dosage measurements. 


THC, CBD and hundreds of other cannabinoids were fractured from one another, removing the very health benefits which gained cannabis’ re-acceptance, so that products’ regulatory adherence could be ensured.


Millions of dollars in research had proven whole-plant or ‘still molecularly bonded’ cannabinoids to uniquely be capable of reducing seizures, inflammation, and harmful cell proliferation, and of providing the numerous other systemic and cellular health benefits documented of the endocannabinoid system. 


Isolate cannabinoids alternately, were known to be increasingly blocked by digestive linings, not absorbed consistently, with absorption as low as 4% and largely incapable of endocannabinoid system healing lacking the entourage effect of originally bonded plant molecules. 


Yet it seemed impossible to produce a whole-plant medicine, with its entourage effect intact, maintaining a consistent regulated dosage. Plant cannabinoid contents vary, cannabinoids even vary within plants. So, concentrations made for medicine would change as well. One dose would be different from the next.

There seemed to be no other way to produce a legal and consistent product, than to produce one that really didn’t work.

Well, we won't tell you how we did it. We can tell you what we did, that it took almost 8 years, and what you can expect from the Real Cannabis Medicine Co.

The Real Cannabis Medicine Co. products are founded on these principles. To provide solutions to those who find access or endocannabinoid product success an obstacle, in whole-plant measurable more absorbable formats, with targeted more consistent performances, and with endocannabinoid benefits intact. A product that works, safely, at an affordable price.


Products start with a Maine State Medical and Agricultural Dept. regulated growth and production lab, which thru circumstance and performance took on hundreds of combat veterans seeking pain management and opiate cessation starting in 2014, as well as referrals from a leading Lyme Clinic, Pediatric seizure doctor and area hospital oncology staff. 


Traditional Rick Simpson oil concentrated from organically grown environmentally controlled ancient landrace cannabis flower strains was blended to achieve specific effects and encapsulated into a few million pharmaceutical gelcaps. 


Over many years with constant client feedback, this process was refined numerous times, resulting in a dozen symptom specific recipes, and a version of real whole-plant Rick Simpson oil which is powdered, encapsulated and measurable to 1/100th of a gram of active cannabinoids for consistent dosage, consistent between production batches, molecular content fully bonded, entourage effect intact, and absorption dramatically improved over even traditional forms of whole-plant medicine.


All translating to products that are accessible for all of us, predictable, safe, even healthy, and which work by activating the body’s own cellular and systemic mechanic, the endocannabinoid system. And which unlike most products to become available on the market, already have hundreds of continual testimonials and a flawless safety and performance record for nearly a decade, from hundreds of continual clients from many walks of life and health pursuits, across millions of dosages.

All who have and do contribute to the Real Cannabis Medicine Co. wish you strength and progress on your health journey, and we truly look forward to the opportunity to be part of you helping to improve a life.   


Real Cannabis Medicine Co. Staff 2022

Portland, Maine

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