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what's the secret to SKMS' long success?

in an industry of regulatory and banking obstacles, so over invested its profitable for very few, it takes a lot more than money to drive patient success year after year..

SKMS has endured and overcome as many banking, regulatory and dirty trick competitor hurdles as likely any medicinal operation in the industry has since 2014.

If it were the promise of financial success which drove production at SKMS, doors certainly would've closed, long ago.

The absolute exhaustion and overwhelming difficulty of many of the hurdles faced, simply weren't justifiable from any financial perspective.

So what kept SKMS staff in the crazy cannabis industry, still producing life changing medicine day after day, without knowing if tomorrow they might be put out of business and not have an income from another regulatory or banking obstacle in such a fast changing industry?

Well, there's the answer. Life changing.

Some things in life are bigger than us. Some things in life are both a burden, and an honor, and a person with a conscience has a hard time saying 'no', no matter how tired they get, or how impossible the odds seem.

So what kept SKMS going thru such challenges?

What enabled such amazing products?

Thank you letters from kids.

Watching combat veterans recover from broken to living fulfilling lives.

Helping someone kick an addiction, heal from an illness, not just for their life, but of the lives they touch.

Helping keep a single mother with cancer with two teenage daughters....alive and present for them.

These human connections are far more powerful than greed, or even the need to pay bills, and they are most definitely the true secret to SKMS endurance and innovation.

SKMS staff look forward to the opportunity to share this medicine with you, to help your health journey, in an ancient and safer way, now newly available nationwide, thanks to those same banks and regulators... yes life is ironic, in this fast changing world.

The plants can help. We'll be here.

Send us your health journey questions any time. The endocannabinoid system probably has something in can help you with.


April 27th, 2024

Portland Maine

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