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Not in Maine? that's cool, we can mail it.

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from the roots of a time when it was sketchy, to calls from the feds, its been a strange ride. #alternativeplantmedicine #pharmaceuticalindustry #americanhealthcare #saferhealing


In 2022 the longstanding Maine Medical manufacturing business SKMS or StrainKeeper Medicinal, was contacted by a national ISO lab, a national bank and given a thumbs up to market online nationally by state and federal regulators.

It was explained to SKMS management that the growing so called 'CBD market', which did contain THC in full compliance of federal law, was expected to lead national availability, and that importantly, Fed Regulators would like to see more 'good actors' in the market, and more 'real' products with demonstrated efficacy and safety histories.

Following months of pretty rigorous financial auditing, SKMS was granted normal national banking, normal online credit card processing and launched a national website. Before the website was completely live, there had already been a cancer remission in a North Carolina Veterans Hospital, using SKMS capsules, received... by mail.

It is an honor to set a standard for safety, efficacy and availability for plant medicine in America.

But more tangible and more importantly, the availability of safer plant medicines translates to altered lives and suffering relieved in countless health journeys. Opiate addictions ended and lives reclaimed. A kid who doesn't have her mind warped by a Ritalin prescription at age 15. A cancer patient sleeping instead of dry heaving for hours. Being present for a family member instead of in bed with a migraine. Nearly countless conditions from Crohn's to Anaplasmosis. Because it is after all.. the human endocannabinoid system.

We hope you can find the older and newer, safer, natural healing of the your own endocannabinoid system, pioneered by our ancestors for thousands of years, literally the subject of one of the most published religious books on the planet, credited with thousands of life changing healing journeys among those still walking this planet.

American healthcare tied to convince us our health was dependent on chemicals they sold, and that they could sell our health back to us.

As one former Veterans Administration Lt. Col. Doctor we know has joked, "how in the world did humans survive for hundreds of thousands of years without modern pharma? must be some kind of miracle.. well, actually, how do the animals survive? do they have pharma too? did you know that at times Solar radiation has been so bad on earth it would be hard to not get skin cancer? .... let me tell you about this thing called the endocannabinoid system which all mammals have..."

Your endocannabinoid system, fueled by cannabinoids, can relieve symptoms and can even heal, without health risk side effects.

And now, thanks to quite a long challenging story of developing symptom specific accessible formats of cannabinoids and making them federally regulated and accepted, you can order them in the mail. Its that simple.

Have questions about cannabinoids can relieve your symptoms or help your health? Contact the Expert Healthcare CEU educating staff with your questions- they love to share knowledge and help other's health journeys!

RCM Co. & SKMS Staff

Portland Maine May 13, 2024

O. 207.544.6744

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