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Searching the World for Medicine

Decades of Landrace Seed Searching Continues, in a Quest for Unique Symptom Relief #cannabisscience #endocannabinoidhealing #landracecannabis #ancienthealing

New to America Original Pakistani Landrace

Cannabis comes in more varieties than the Seven Dwarves in Snow White:

there's sleepy, relaxing, energizing, pain relieving, seizure prevention, IBS relief and hundreds of other available symptom relief options.

Sometimes these symptom relief options are available from one variety of cannabis, unique in its appearance, cannabinoid profile and origin, but often these benefits are unique to a single cannabis variety, or 'strain', as the cannabis industry refers to them.

Hundreds of unique 'strains' are still cultivated by local peoples in remote corners of the world for many hundreds, even thousands of years. These varieties, usually deposited by Traders eons ago, have acquire unique health benefits, specific to their genetic variety.

These strains are the result of a specific batch of cannabis seeds climatizing to a specific environment over many generations, and importantly- also the seed selection of the people growing it, who generally select the variation appearing in genetic variety for the effects which provide them the most relief. This appears to be culturally or geographically specific: different kinds of people need different kinds of medicine.

All Naturally From Plant to Medicine

In medicinal plant research it has also been observed that plants somehow assess the health of the mammals in their environment and alter their chemical profiles to heal mammals who consume them. As complex and 'intelligent' as the Cannabis plant appears to be, this certainly seems possible.

Original Landrace Cannabis Variety in Tibet

SKMS has searched for rare and unique Landrace seed symptom relief for decades, and in 2019 secured a large batch of varied seeds from the Karakorum Mountains in Pakistan. These Cannabis varieties had been cultivated untouched by western hands since the days of the Silk Road. Among them we found an amazing Anxiety Relieving strain, which became a primary ingredient in the SKMS Anxiety Relief Capsules.

Dozens of strains were identified in the Pakistani Seed shipment, and every crop SKMS tries another one or two. Latest in the Silk Road Exploration is this beauty showing some ancient Indica type high mountain variety, likely a potent pain reliever or sleep aid. Or.. maybe both! Its like waiting for a present to open, but its about healing and living better!

The magic of the plants! Have great experiences with Landrace Cannabis, SKMS meds or have questions? Leave comments below or hit us up any time, SKMS and RCM Co. expert Healthcare CEU educating staff love to spread the news of safer ancient natural healing options.


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine May 9, 2024

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