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who is Rick Simpson and what is it?

many today don't realize that cannabis liberalization arose from a very important series of events, starting with one man with a lot of courage.

Rick Simpson, a former engineer in Nova Scotia Canada, tells a story that he was diagnosed with and told there was no remedy for a progressive skin cancer spot, in a rather disconnected hospital visit, and drove home realizing he'd just been discharged to certain death.

It is then that he says he suddenly remembered a news story about two scientists demonstrating that Cannabis oils seem to cure cancer.

In a state of desperation and creative genius he made a concoction, which to a local Canadian farmer made sense: he submerged cannabis flowers in high grade alcohol until the oils washed out, and then boiled the alcohol off, revealing a molasses like substance.

Rick Simpson used this substance and quickly obtained a 'no more cancer statement' from healthcare. That was where the story started and far from where it ended for Rick, but the Cannabis story took a turn from it.

Around the same time, some mothers who really didn't care about who thought what, were desperately seeking safe effective medications for severe pediatric seizure cases. Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO as it had come to be nicknamed, was tried and miraculous results were achieved. Severe and regular seizures were arrested in cases which had found no relief in any pharmaceutical prescribed.

Those events began a ethically founded relinquishing of the Drug War era cannabis prohibition laws, and created regulation for the beginnings of industries providing cannabis products, only within state lines.

SKMS first made capsules containing Rick Simpson Oil for cancer, and then for seizures and numerous other conditions. In 2017 SKMS released a water only processed version of Rick Simpson Oil which had a number of advantages in safety and performance. By substituting water for alcohol toxins potentially reduced from modern alcohols are avoided. Additionally, cannabinoid profile capturing is actually more complete, and more cannabinoid variety is captured, water being a bit more gentle on substances than alcohol.

Most importantly to Real Cannabis Medicine Co. and SKMS clients, by transforming this water only processing of Cannabis oils into a Organic Coconut Oil base and then into a powder, dosage can be exactly controlled and most importantly: absorption is greatly improved over both traditional RSO, standard cannabis edibles, or pharmaceuticals.


RCM Co. Staff

Portland, Maine May 15th, 2024

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