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A Deep Dive into Gulf War Syndrome Cannabinoid Therapy

what works and what didn't with the many devastating symptoms of #GWS #paralysis #neuropathicpain #digestivedisorders #psychosis #endocannabinoidhealing

what is it?

Asking too many questions about Gulf War Syndrome will get you thrown out of the VA, but that's just the start of the nightmare that is GWS symptoms for many.

Sometimes attributed to the Biothrax Vaccine, this huge range of very unpleasant symptoms often reveal themselves as intrinsically linked to the Enteric Nervous system and the Vagal nerve, and similar in behavior to other conditions linked to the same.

SKMS has received numerous 'please help' texts since 2015, often from within a VA hospital after an urgent care visit was not improving or getting worse.

Symptoms include partial paralysis, extreme and unpredictable Neuropathic pain, serious gastrointestinal function challenges as well as extreme discomfort.

Physical symptoms may come on suddenly and are often accompanied by extreme PTSD episodes or diagnosed psychosis, which often seems to manifest as the client you know with an amazing degree of clarity, describing an entirely different set emotions they are continually choosing to not act on, but are often begging for help communicating that sooner or later the emotions will win.

Estimates of those affected range between 650,000 and 8 million.

so what worked?

we had some intuitive ideas of what kinds of cannabinoids from where and processed how, would have an effect.

SKMS also had the experience of managing many of these symptoms in other conditions, such as tough MS cases, IBS, Cascade Events, Neuropathic pain, and mental health cases.

But to be transparent, given the urgency of the symptoms, we threw the kitchen sink and more at these cases a few times.

surprising, but not surprising..

the same go-hard or not-at-all combat vets, who love THC dominant smoke and wholeplant edibles for the PTSD deprogramming symptom relief... do not respond well to the same THC dominant profiles for these symptoms. Avoiding any potential of winding the nervous system up became a guideline.

CBD dominant wholeplant cannabinoids worked well to relieve both gastrointestinal symptoms and a huge range of Nervous system symptoms.

Severe pain, neuropathic or combat injury related really severe pain that had flared up, was managed with the SKMS Severe Pain Relief formula 750mg fed legal capsules.

The Purples capsules are essentially a Wholeplant high absorption THC/CBD ratio, but in our experience, effectiveness more attributed to the strains used and processing methods. A valid and effective substitute for opiates.

the bigger surprise.


Of all our products, SKMS Sleep chocolates, made from carefully selected and uniquely processed Landrace fan Leaf, have been independently verified many times but some guys in real rough shape, as the most effective at a broad range of symptom relief and.. most importantly at putting these folks to sleep.

Sleep, for a PTSD-wound Combat Vet who just left the VA and is in severe pain, is no small miracle. And nothing will really get better until they do sleep. If they can sleep, they will usually awake with symptoms greatly improved and importantly- a new perspective, usually a lot more positive and calm.

So, no smoking, lotsa wholeplant CBD, Severe Pain Relief Formula, and Leaf Cannabutter chocolates.

so what happens?

first symptom relief reports are usually within 2-3 hours. Neuropathic pain, nervous related symptoms such as seizures, twitches, migraines and similar subside. Mental health typically shifts accordingly, and becomes more positive. Last to go is usually the intestinal symptoms, and sometimes this takes a couple days even.

Dosage can range a lot, but is typically significant, as much as double normal, 1 capsule per 2-4 hours. Sleep chocolate doses have been up to four times normal. Typically, much like with seizure work, once this barrier is broken, symptom management is both easier and accomplished with lower doses proportionate to the symptoms.

what are the other options?

not much, especially for those who have already beat an opiate or other pharma addiction and won't consider most head meds or another addiction cessation.

the neurological symptoms particular do not have good relief options that work short term very often, and really none that are safe long term, and most become ineffective over time, based on client reports.

what's the take away?

cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system can restore systemic balance even in these very unpredictable and extreme Gulf War Syndrome symptom management cases.

And really more importantly, the restoration of these systemic balances enables veterans to live without very difficult and often painful symptoms and heal.

And these cannabinoid therapies have no risk, do no harm,. are not addictive, and pose no additional psychosis risk potential to an already at risk population.

Cannabinoids, done right, can relieve and help heal, even Gulf War Syndrome Symptoms.


Portland Maine April 22, 2024

Curious how we can help? Give a shout or email any time.

O. 207.544.6744

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