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effectiveness & safety: Pharma vs. SKMS Wholeplant

Updated: Apr 19

can canna medicine be more effective and safer? Learn more. #pain #cancer #lyme #seizures #anxiety #insomnia #adhd #alzheimers #opiates #addiction

Safety is a primary motivation of most customers of SKMS canna med products, but for those new to the alternative health world, there is always the question, do they work?

Learn more about how and why SKMS Canna meds often relieve as well and safer than 21st century pharmaceuticals.


The Better Living Through Chemistry concept of creating medicine started the pharmaceutical industry almost a hundred years ago, and it seemed like a great idea at the time: targeted symptom specific products, based on singular molecular compounds.

The challenge was absorption.. we now know that the human digestive lining increasingly identifies and restricts absorption of isolated molecules in ancient protective measure against absorbing metals in free standing drinking water.

It wasn't tolerance building up- our digestive linings are actually just absorbing less and less pharmaceutical medication over time.


With pharmaceuticals comprising the bulk of the third leading cause of death in the U.S., the absorption science also revealed significant performance shortcomings to extended use of prescribed medications, particularly for long term pain management or mental health symptom relief.

Opium overdose deaths are commonly related to those patients needing to take very large daily doses, per their prescriptions, to reduce severe pain. This can be a tragic result of reduced absorption.

Long term use of pharmaceutical Mental health meds have been connected to 'cascade events' and IBS symptoms, and many experts recommend they only be taken in case of demonstrated risk of self harm, preferably for short periods of time.

Most clients of SKMS products would first point out, that ending up addicted and in more pain as with many opiate prescription histories in the U. S., or with worse mental health, which many scientific studies have shown as a likely result of extended use of pharmaceutical head meds, or ending up with more cancer from the very treatment sold to relieve it, is a pretty easy bar for alternative medicine to beat.

Because something that makes a person worse, or worse yet- actually harms, is probably not worthy of really being named 'medicine'.

While cannabis is essentially incapable of overdose potential or cellular damage, and SKMS canna med products have a flawless safety record stretching across a decade and many continual long term clients, SKMS capsules and chocolates provide a lot more benefit than just 'not harming'.

SKMS Capsules and chocolates have been responsible for years of testimonials from all ages and many symptom relief pursuits in the Maine Medical Program since 2014 and since 2022, across the nation as well, thanks to normal online credit card processing and legal national mailing, with numerous testimonials, including but certainly not limited to:

pain management, opiate cessation, chronic illness recoveries, cancer remissions, seizure management, insomnia solved, anxiety relief, prescription anxiety addiction recoveries, migraine prevention, Lyme, Anaplasmosis and Babesia symptom relief, nausea relief, post surgery pain management, Alzheimer's and Dementia symptom relief, ADHD symptom relief, depression symptom relief, Parkinson's, MS and Neuropathy symptom relief, Pediatric symptom management, RLS, PTSD relief and a whole lot more.


"41% of cancer patients died within 5 years, 53% within 10 years"

"causes of death in cancer patients: 47% infection, 25% organ failure, 11% Infarction, 7% hemorrhage, 105 Carcinomatosis"


Doctor recommended for years and consumed millions of times... the SKMS products provide consistent safe performance, guided by the feedback of years of clients.

SKMS capsules and chocolates are symptom specific, and you can find your best relief by thumbing thru the product pages online to match your symptom relief to a product at

If you have any questions about best relief for your symptoms or have dosage questions, SKMS and RCM Co. Staff are available to help, just drop us a note!


"it is a well documented fact that prescription drug effects and other medical errors are the third leading cause of death in America. Adverse drug events harm 2.7 million hospitalized patients in the U.S. annually, with over 106,000 deaths, and that is just for the hospitalized."

-'Deaths from Prescription Drugs'


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