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safe, consistently effective PTSD symptom relief

there are few options to relieve PTSD symptoms, and fewer that are risk free #ptsd #trauma #combattrauma #neuralpathways

SKMS began extensive work with Combat Veteran and other healthcare referred trauma symptom relief starting in 2015.

Numerous variations of Trauma symptoms were observed as well as numerous types of wholeplant cannabinoid profiles and dosages used to relieve them.

The SKMS Severe Pain Relief Formula is a result of many hours of patient feedback on relief success. They work effectively, day after day, for all types of people.

Providing a duel function, both addressing neural pathway trauma symptoms, and their potential to elevate pain consciousness, as well as physical inflammation reduction (the source of pain) and nervous system calming.

Extensive experience of trauma especially coupled with actual physical pain, can make calming the pain cycle a thing of it's own. The SKMS Purple Severe Pain capsules are exceptionally effective at this, even capable of preventing seizures and severe neuropathic pain cycles.

Wholeplant Cannabis based medicines have the advantage of more than just risk free use. Absorption limits long term use of both isolate based cannabinoids and traditional pharmaceuticals.

The reason it takes more and more to do the same is not tolerance, it is a decrease in absorption. The body's digestive lining is increasingly recognizing and restricting absorption of unnatural molecules. SKMS wholeplant cannabis capsules will absorb the same way, day after day.

If you have questions about your safer symptom relief pursuit options, feel free to reach out to SKMS' expert healthcare educating staff any time!

SKMS staff love to help your health journeys, and are always happy to share safer healing knowledge.


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine April 2024


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