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SKMS Client Testimonial: Severe Combat PTSD

'John' came to us like many, hoping someone might finally be able to help him with the opiates, the injury pain, the sleep and just trying to want to still be here.

Sometime after Nov. 7th, 2004 his marine team snuck into a temporarily abandoned enemy stronghold house after dark in Fallujah, Iraq, blocks ahead of the American lines and set up camp.

What followed, he survived, mostly all in one piece, but he was still living what happened and other events that followed, virtually every minute of every hour. He couldn't sleep, had a tough time communicating with family, spent most of his time on the porch watching the road nervously. Stress was literally tearing his body apart, and preventing healing from serious combat injuries.

Into the deep dark holes...

To boot, 'John' was swallowing almost 200mg of Oxi a day and a cocktail of other pharmaceuticals from the VA, and still complained of pain.

There's brain dopamine balancing science which explains how opiates are not only not effective at long term pain management, but will increase its perceived levels. The VA unfortunately, doesn't have a lot of options.

How did S.K.M.S. help?

Many of S.K.M.S.' first several hundred healthcare professional referred clients were combat veterans with nearly identical challenges. And the solution works.

Pain Management

Opiates manipulate dopamine balances literally producing anxiety and pain by altering the mind's perception essentially. More natural plant based non addictive compounds which the body's endocannabinoid system actually utilize for healing and inflammation reduction provide a safer and far more effective long term alternative. Cannabinoids also don't produce the emotional swings opiates can, which can be tough with PTSD emotions.

Well over a million of the Purple-Purple Severe Pain Capsules have been manufactured and consumed by S.K.M.S. clients, many of them combat veterans eliminating opiate use.

And the endocannabinoid healing they provide goes beyond just pain relief and inflammation reduction..

PTSD Symptoms

PTSD symptoms effect our perception of reality, our emotions, and physical experience and literally our well being. Cortisol production and imbalances is a result of continual excessive anxiety. But... the endocannabinoid system can help with that.

The Purple-Purples formula is additionally formulated to affect a nerve calming result, which will tend to dial down the mind's continual over response and pursuit of 'fight or flight' type thinking and emotions. This same balance is used in very extreme seizure cases. While a frequent dose of Purples would induce sound sleep in many people, for those working thru tough PTSD rewiring, it can be an amazing balance, where it feels like reality came back...and its gonna be ok.

Better Sleep

The best way to fix our bodies or our minds... is to get better sleep. Really. Want to reduce those anxiety symptoms, or trauma reactions? get better sleep. For severe PTSD we are told by years of testimonials, many found nothing worked better than S.K.M.S. Sleep Chocolates on top of Purple capsules by day. Our brains need inflammation reduction to write new neural pathways, and even to think clearly, and nothing provides it better than the endocannabinoid system.


" Happy July 4th. I thought of you guys today. Just wanna say thanks so much for everything you gave, your meds were a life saver and a life changer for real. First time I felt like someone actually had a solution and cared. My family and I thank you most sincerely, and wish you and yours the best of health."

"John", Lt. USMC Ret., Combat Veteran, Oxford County, Maine


Do you know someone suffering from severe PTSD? Severe pain? Having trouble navigating the world, finding it all a bit much and maybe not sure if we're still there or what 'here' is anymore?

We mail free samples. Drop us a note.

S.K.M.S. staff have immense respect and dedication to those pursuing mental health healing journey work and especially to our veterans. Healing ourselves helps us all. And PTSD sucks, there is a different way, and a way back.

Best wishes on your health journey.

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014



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