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the story behind the Sativa Capsules

starting and ending in a very different place, a tribute to the #endocannabinoidsystem #healing and #wholeplantmedicine

Originally doctor requested for combat injured veterans seeking non sedative, non addictive pain relief, the Yellow Capsules are one of the original and longest running SKMS wholeplant formulas.

The SKMS Purple Severe Pain Capsules work great on severe pain, and a person can take them as often as needed, but in frequent or large doses can be a bit sleepy, which is usually a relief to those in severe pain.

But what if it is day after day of chronic pain management, and you can only sleep so much and still want to get up and do stuff?

Can the cannabis plant help with that too?

While despite the plethora of sleepy Indica type flower strains in the cannabis market, the cannabis plant comes in many varieties. Almost any positive healing 'effect' the body can imagine can be found in an original Landrace strain somewhere on this big blue ball.

So, SKMS gathered client's favorite, grounding, calming long lasting energy equatorial Landrace Sativas and worked many batches to refine processing of a genuinely non sedative uplifting day time pain reliever.

SKMS staff would qualify, that if you are actually in need of sleep, one wonderful thing about cannabinoids is they rarely deceive the body. Unlike coffee, even energizing cannabinoids can help a very tired person feel sleepy, especially if an artificial nervous type energy has held them awake.

But that wasn't the end of the story for the SKMS yellows.

Aside from interesting stories heard of some pursuing excess dosages in a perhaps, more tolerable pursuit of an extreme perspective than some other options, it wasn't long before SKMS staff got a real surprise in patient feedback.

Alzheimer and Dementia patients were being given SKMS Landrace Sativa Capsules by family members with great success relieving symptoms. So called 'couch lock' was being replaced with active engagement, a relief of 'sun downing' symptoms and less emotional resistance to changes.

The SKMS Kitchen recently pioneered this Energy Formula even further into a powdered water soluble drink mix as well. Curious? Send us questions, we are mailing it to interested clients!

So, if day time pain relief without sleepiness, some positive energy, or helping a family member with Alzheimer's or Dementia symptoms could assist your life or health journey, hit us up! SKMS and RCM Co. Healthcare Educating expert staff is available for your questions. 2 Count Samples available!


Portland Maine April 30, 2024

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