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landrace sativa caps testimonials

originally created just as a daytime pain relief option, our appreciation of big and epic landrace equatorial Sativas and the cultures who made them shown through.

Big landrace long season cannabis strains left by he Polynesian trade routes and others have been bred by native peoples for centuries for medicinal purposes. For pain relief, for mental health- to make their lives more producive.

We have love ancient sativas for a long time, growing up in a community with openly celebrated importing them even long ago.

Turning them into a daytime pain relief that didn't make a person sleepy seemed like a good idea, but they turned into so much more.


"I weened off benzos I picked up in colleged in two weeks and went right on your anxiety caps. It worked. About a month later life caught up with me. Found it hard to connect the dots and stay motivated. All I can say is those things are amazing, and seem to have set me on a new rhythm, I am super motivated, but pretty calm and grounded. Wicked awesome products, thanks for all you all do."

- Matt D., 32, Boston , MA.

Wasn't long before he heard from clients that there was great success relieving daytime symptoms with family members with Alzheimer's or Dementia symptoms, inculding the so called 'couch lock' and mood swings and sundowning syndrome.


"took those yellow sativa capsules for years for skiing and just way better than aspirin alternative, keep me on the slopes all day, and then one day I gave one to my dad who is like stuck in a chair all day with Alzheimer's. About an hour later he came in the kitchen and asked what he could do to help, and its been like that since."

- Dave 45, Burlington VT

So, whether you are headed out to enjoy and reconnect with the world, or looking to help an elderly family member, the yellows can be an amazing, safe and consistent symptom relief.


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014



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