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Landrace Sativa Capsules 60 Count

Landrace Sativa Capsules 60 Count


Proprietary recipe of our best Landrace Sativa energy and clarity strains. A longtime favorite in Maine now available to all. Also commonly used to assist relief of elderly mental health symptoms we discovered from client feedback. Always consult a doctor before combining medications especially with any pharma. A safe long lasting uplifting daytime pain relief option.


    Custom Blended Zero-Processed Landrace and CBD rich Cannabis RSO Concentrate Powder, Processed Plant Material, Organic Sunflower Powder, Naturally Refined Organic Coconut Oil.

    400mg capsules, .28% THC9, .45% CBD, .09% CBDA, additional cannabinoids and terpenes present. 


    Commonly used to assist in relieving symptoms of daytime pain, may assist in focus, provide a non jittery energy, and assist in relief of dementia and Alzheimer’s symptoms.


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