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how cannabis is grown for S.K.M.S. RSO capsules

a product is only as good as it's ingredients. An almost excessive attention to detail and many extra miles separate the ingredients in Real Cannabis Medicine Co. capsules from production cannabis in State Med or Recreational markets. How's it done? Read on.


Pakistani Cannabis Seeds mailed from Karachi

From Seed: generally all production cannabis is grown from clones, which offer the convenience of knowing sex before investing overhead growing costs, and which are a kind of genetic snap shot of the mother plant they were cut from, so more predictable.

Clones are by nature weaker than their parent plant, and in production growing, clones are actually often clones of clones, or clones of clones of clones. This effects vitality, the plant's ability to respond to environmental change, and genetic expression. S.K.M.S. grows found early on this translated to lower terpene and cannabinoid content and flower which seemed to have less of an effect.

from seed and in multiples, because plants really do talk..

S.K.M.S. Zero Processed Capsules and Cannabutter Chocolates are made from landrace and CBD rich cannabis strains, grown from seed, set in their final growing medium and grown in place to avoid transplant shock.

Organic Living Soil: soil in beds growing S.K.M.S. cannabis hasn't been changed in years, which has a 'host' of benefits over sterile cocoa and similar production mediums used in most cannabis grow operations.

We say 'host', because that's what soil really is- a host for an amazing network of microbial to plant communication networks, with nutrients constantly changing forms for availability. More dynamic soil develops more dynamic plants and directly contributes to terpene and cannabinoid production, meaning a broader depth of synergistic medicinal effects in a final product.

Sunrise in an S.K.M.S. Grow Room

Multi Spectrum Lighting: indoor lighting in the cannabis industry has always been driven by a cost vs. production benefit equation, which doesn't always translate to the best cannabis, just the most weight in cannabis.

Most of the industry has moved to LED lighting which alone tends to produce denser flower structures, often with specific lowered cannabinoid or terpene values, but apparent increased THC levels, often times a function of density.

Measuring cannabinoids and terpenes in raw flower form without stabilization for moisture levels can be deceiving but is easy to spot in processing results once the medium is consistent. A change in profiles was noticed with exclusive use of LED lighting, in S.K.M.S. work.

S.K.M.S. has continually used an arrangement of different modern lighting sources to best accurately create the results observed under the intense natural sunlight of high altitude or equatorial mountain cannabis strains.

Clean air & Clean Water: Plants breathe a lot of air and drink a lot of water, and a whole lot of HEPA and charcoal filtration goes a long way to protecting an outcome of happy plants and clean medicine. Comprehensive toxin testing which S.K.M.S. runs additionally, can be found on the website along with lab test results.

some very happy equatorial sativa cannabis plants in month 7

Grow Cycles: equatorial cannabis strains, and even warm climate mountain strains from latitudes similar to our own in Maine, halfway between the pole and the equator, expect to sprout in the end of spring, grow all summer and flower into fall. This is generally a total of 5-7 months.

True tropical environment landrace strains can expect 10 and 11 month growing cycles, not always ended by cold, but more often by downpours of a monsoon season.

Most production cannabis in med and recreational markets across the U.S. target start-to-finish (from clone to harvest) in under 90 days, some as little as every 60.

a healthy Himalayan Indica Plant in an S.K.M.S. grow room

Similar to the diminished expression of clones, a comparison of two clones, one forced to flower at 40 days and another at 4 months reveals a very different plant- more potent, with a broader terpene and cannabinoid profile, as would be expected of a plant which has had months longer to develop its root stores and stem structures.

S.K.M.S. landrace strains are grown to their full potential, almost always 5- 6 months, but often 7 and 8, resulting in a greater array of cannabinoid interactions and content processed into the medicines contained in Real Cannabis Medicine Co. capsules and chocolates.

Environmental Simulation: Landrace strains in the S.K.M.S. grow rooms come from a variety of climates around the world, sourced for their unique medicinal performances.

These characteristics are often a function or a reaction or expression of environment, in many tangible ways, such as terpene values and cannabinoid combination potentials.

Environmental simulation, including variations in temperature, air flow, humidity and barometric pressure can have a profound effect on plant health and expression, and the final medicine processed from these plants.

In modern production cannabis growing, grow rooms are kept at strict temperature control and generally only experience any variation in base environmentals of heat, barometer, humidity and air flow if a system fails.

We feel this yields less medicinally effective plants, with less expression and symptom relieving potentials- not unlike a test tube production, not the same as the wild version of the same.


Harvesting and Curing which follows all that growing work, might comprise even more steps than all the ones that got the cannabis plant this far- definitely a story for another blog post!

We hope this gives insight into just how natural Real Cannabis Medicine Co. Zero Processed Rick Simpson Oil Capsules and Cannabutter Chocolates are, and how obsessively careful production is that contributes to so many wonderful health journey testimonials.

Whether it's finding good sleep again and being more alert to enjoy the people in your life, or living without pain or the distraction and frustration of anxiety, or helping a loved one with a chronic condition or chronic illness symptoms- real whole plant cannabis meds with symptoms specific relief can really change a life in so many ways, and help so many symptoms with safer effective solutions.

Wanna check it out? give us a shout, RCM Co. mails samples out five days a week all over!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

(207) 671-8387

91 Auburn St. S J1154 Portland ME 04103

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