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the S.K.M.S. process, maximize wholeplant

what is the S.K.M.S. cannabis medicine manufacturing process, and just how does a plant end up absorbable and inside a capsule?

Landrace Cannabis starting to Flower in SKMS Grow Rooms

Against the backdrop of Corporate competitors and numerous Regulatory pressures, S.K.M.S. was forced starting in 2015 to figure out a way to deliver the consistent performance of real wholeplant cannabis medicine in a pharmaceutical grade format, and more importantly to engineer recipes which provided consistent results for specific symptom relief, not just from day to day, but from person to person. With a molecularly bonded, versatile plant medicine, this is challenging.

So how is it done? Well, we won't give away all the stumbling blocks and methods we learned along the way, largely in thanks to all that client feedback from week to week for years, but we will share just how genuine and pure the S.K.M.S. capsule manufacturing process is.

Landrace Cannabis and Organic Coconut Oils being pressed from Plant Materials

First some of the finest landrace cannabis strains in the world are grown indoors in living soil, under multi spectrum lighting, in HEPA filtered air, utilizing natural environmental variations and environmental cues native to outdoor landrace strains, producing some very special cannabinoid profiles, selected for their unique effects.

These plants are harvested, and 'cured' (or dried) dependent on their eventual recipe purposes, and then emulsified in organic coconut oils using a proprietary chemical free process.

This oil is then turned into a 100% plant powder, also without the use of any chemicals or modern chemistry methods, and mixed into formulas with uniform consistency from one fraction of a milligram to another, so that good people can have the specific relief they expect with each capsule.

This powder is then encapsulated in predetermined appropriate single dosages, based on years of client feedback, formulated for specific symptoms' relief, and made available by delivery in Maine, in select Maine Medical Stores, and online in 45 States at RealCannabisMedicineCo.

Plant Oils being transformed into a 100% Plant Powder

Available formulas include Anxiety Relief, a Sleep Assistance Formula called Recharge, a Severe Pain Relief formula, an original Rick Simpson Chronic Illness formula, wholeplant CBD options for seizures and migraines, and others, all visible on the website.

We look forward to helping on your health journey and are so thankful for all the lives S.K.M.S. meds have been a part of- its what keeps it all going for all these years!

S.K.M.S. and RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

April 27th, 2023

(207) 671 8387

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