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how S.K.M.S. Zero Processed RSO is made

an amazing break through of cannabis wholeplant processing, providing a more consistent, absorbable and fully bonded controlled dosage 100% plant powder, without the use of any modern extraction techniques.


It all started with an RSO capsule product that was so successful, the resident Corp. Canna outfit threatened to drop a lawsuit, invoking FDA extraction regulations in the state of Maine for all products processed with alcohol.

While S.K.M.S. most certainly won that P.R. battle in the State of Maine, the need for alternative technology and the impending regulatory challenges of traditional alcohol wash cannabis medicine in a national market became clear.

Clients' questions about RSO safety and methodology over the years had not gone unnoticed. So, why not just get rid of the 21st century ways entirely?

Could old and new possibly be united into something truly new?

At the time, S.K.M.S. had already figured out how to keep batches of raw RSO, dosed to 0.1g per capsule, stable in 10,000 count capsule batches, without the inevitable single capsule melt-age resulting in a ruined batch and significant loss- no small hurdle of manufacturing and engineering in itself.

This "RSO melts capsules" production obstacle had stopped competitors from emulating S.K.M.S. RSO capsule product lines to any scale over the years, and forced others to adopt isolates in place of RSO as their production demands increased.

What followed the possible FDA mandate was almost three years and countless failed attempts to yield an end product with the cannabinoid content of a traditional alcohol wash RSO.

Capturing the full cannabinoid spectrum and in concentrations necessary proved to be a major obstacles, but in the end, S.K.M.S. struck gold... with a golden yellow 100% plant powder, which retained an even broader spectrum than traditional Rick Simpson Oil, with an improved absorption and a flatter performance curve- less rise and fall, a more consistent long term release.

More importantly, this was truly the first cannabinoid profile-stable, dose uniform, truly fully bonded wholeplant medicine, made in symptom specific formulations, and moreover zero processed, without the use of any modern extraction techniques, vacuums, chemicals or solvents of any kind.

How did they do it? Well for obvious reasons we can't tell you all the tricks and hurdles overcome, but we can share the steps of just how pure and medically functional this product is.

Almost 4 decades of Landrace Strain selection provides a stable symptom specific wheel of medicinal tools which can be processed carefully to yield a wide range of predictable results.

Grown in living soil, HEPA filtered air, and multi spectrum lighting, often for months longer than production cannabis, these landrace strains yield not only predictable cannabinoid profiles but a greater potential of unique medicinal applications than most modern day hybrids with careful processing.

All parts of these Landrace Cannabis plants are processed carefully with different methods and infused into Organic Coconut Oil and Water in proprietary methods using only heat and motion.

Once the water is separated from this emulsion the resulting concentrate is blended with Organic Sunflower powder and then using a very special proprietary method, turned into a 100% plant, zero additive powder. This powder is blended to insure stability and blended to create predictable symptom relief.

What is the result? Over a million capsules consumed, countless successful pain management cases, cancer remission testimonials, PTSD symptom management cases, likely millions of seizures prevented, thousands of better nights' sleep, and many many lives improved. Wholeplant medicine really can help a body and mind find their way back to better health.

RCM Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

(207) 671-8387

91 Auburn St. S J1154

Portland ME 04103

Providing MedCanna Products & Services Across Maine and Beyond since 2014. Order Online in U.S.

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