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Success with consistent absorption

How does SKMS Zero Processed RSO accomplish more consistent absorption of symptom specific relief than isolate or RSO emulsified in MCT or Coco Oil?

SKMS processes from CannaMed FLA 2023 conference

Dosage is really about absorption.

It's how much we absorb that provides relief.

And managing absorption is hard when it changes from dose to dose. Isolate has decreasing and variable absorption. RSO is so dense it's absorption varies from day to day- even when micronized and emulsified in oils, getting past the digestive lining is like pushing a basketball through a HEPA filter.

So, how do we find consistent safe plant medicine relief?

S.K.M.S. pioneered a method of turning organic coconut oil wholeplant concentrates, in symptom specific formulas, into a 100% plant powder, which solves the absorption challenge.

Absorption onset is dramatically improved by cannabinoids stabilized in a fibrous form, maximized by hugely increased surface area of a powder as opposed to a lump of oil, and the performance curve (usually a steep up and down with other cannabinoid formats) is flattened, all providing a far more functional, but more importantly predictable performance.

Curious how the S.K.M.S. zero processed RSO formulas work? Send us a message on the site here, email us or text us with a symptom relief you are seeking. Samples mail out five days a week, you can join literally thousands of health journeys improved with Real Cannabis Medicine Co. symptom specific wholeplant cannabis medicine capsules.

We hope you give us the opportunity to help the healing!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

Co. Cell: 207.671.8387


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