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why that edible isn’t effective medicine

like many things political, a great compromise was made in legalization, which virtually hamstrung cannabis meds long term efficacy, but regulatory obstacles are often a catalyst to innovation. #cancer #wholeplantmedicine #cannabisisolates #absorption #sksmzeroprocessedrsocapsules

Cannabis was first legalized in the U.S. in the name of providing first safe pediatric seizure and cancer patient symptom relief. What followed the ethics plea to lawmakers, was a regulatory argument which largely prevented cannabis manufacturing from ever developing effective medicines under the compromise of regulatory guidelines:


Legalization lobbyists in Colorado put forth to the Colorado legislature

that regulating cannabis would be easy,

'"It would be no different than pharmaceuticals,

merely quantify the THC content"


Fortunately, plant meds do not work like pharmaceuticals. In fact, pharmaceuticals don't even work strictly based on active compound content. Its all about absorption- its not how much a person takes, its what is taken and how much absorbs.


2% absorption of 100mg= 2mg.

20% absorption of 10mg= 2mg.


To safely meet regulatory guidelines, cannabis manufacturing extracts, isolates and fractures cannabinoid molecular bonds using solvents, gasses and pressures and vacuums. As soon as this molecular fracturing happens, absorption is greatly diminished and becomes unpredictable, and generally diminishing over time with steady use.

The bigger challenge to the creation of effective canna meds isn't as much in the misperception of what a person is actually taking for dosage and how much of it is actually absorbed, how that is restricted by diminished and diminishing absorption of isolated molecules- the bigger challenge is that this regulatory guideline drove the cannabis medicinal industry to base all technology and manufacturing methods on a formulation of plant medicine which is, in its first manufacturing steps, made incapable of predictable or consistent performance.

This was the challenge presented to the founders of the Real Cannabis Medicine Co., under S.K.M.S., its Maine based original Medical licensed operation, as production scaled to larger and larger batches of traditional Rick Simpson Oil Capsules.

What S.K.M.S. founders pioneered for national distribution was a methodology to produce cannabinoid profile stable pharma grade material in very large batches, which involved no potential of fracturing cannabinoid profiles. This enabled the much larger scale production of symptom specific cannabinoid capsules, which remain truly whole plant, with predictable and consistent symptom relief results.

For more info on how S.K.M.S. processes work and what goes into Real Cannabis Medicine Co. cannamed products, check out some of the other blogs at

RCM Co. and S.K.M.S. Staff

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