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Ready to ditch the Anxiety, or the meds for it?

whole plant medicine capsules guide the neural pathways back to calmer waters

Ancient Healing

SKMS' proprietary formula of carefully blended and water processed ancient CBD rich landrace strains collected from the corners of the earth for their individual qualities, such as anxiety relief, can be a safer and more effective solution than prescribed options.

Prescribed solutions may not be long term solutions..

In general, according to many health professionals, prescribed chemical solutions may provide short term relief, but due to digestive lining irritation lead to disengagement of the enteric nervous system and often- more anxiety.

Natural Healing

The plants can help, and the endocannabinoid system has been healing mammals for millions of years. It is tasked with systemic health, including restoring those stressed out neural pathways to more grounded spaces.

How to make a change

Anxiety? Its easy, just take one in the morning. You can take another halfway thru the day or anytime, but usually one works for most for a day.

What about dumping an existing script?

If its a short or long term cessation of an existing pharmaceutical anxiety med that isn't working or causing unwanted side effects that you are looking for some support for after cessation, talk with your doctor about best methods to cease use safely. Generally stopping suddenly is not safe. Bot stopping is very possible. Lots of people do it.

When the cleaning cycle is complete take the SKMS anxiety capsules as needed, you don't have to take them on a regimented schedule. The wonder of plant medicine! And it doesn't stop working!

You can Buy or Shop Now at the Link Below!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine Feb. 26, 2024

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