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yep, we do that. a lot. right to your door.

One of the first national and only real #wholeplant med sources, RCM Co. online orders ship priority mail M-F. Safe, Reliable Solutions... to your door.

Its challenging to find alternative health solutions that meet the same criteria that send many people running from prescribed meds... safe, reliable performance- relief when you need it, every time.

CBD meds became legal to ship years ago, but isolated CBD, due to the nature of absorption and the body's resistance to isolated unnatural molecules, never delivered on the promise of its original marketing.

But in 2022 RCM Co. became the first to bring a real, consistently and responsibly produced whole plant canna capsule to the national mail order market.

These products had been in use for almost a decade, with millions of dosages consumed and countless testimonials from hundreds of serious health pursuits under Maine state regulations.

When federal regulatory environments allowed, banking allowed the amazement of SKMS capsule symptom specific relief capsules to be available nationally, order and purchase on line with credit card just like Amazon. Ships USPS Priority Mail 1-3 Days to your door. To any door 21 or over. Its a new world apparently.

What changed? These products perform as real whole plant medicine should, truly unfractured whole cannabinoid chains with all the endocannabinoid healing intended, unlike the million and one CBD gummies on line already. Why now?

Under legal application of Federal Regulatory Laws and guidelines the SKMS capsules and chocolates actually now fall as a "unregulated substance", not "marijuana" or subject to the Controlled Substance Act, and not covered by the Farm Bill or regulated as CBD. Turns out, for the regulators, its all what something is classified as, doesn't really matter what Nancy Reagan might have thought!

So, check out the amazing new Endocannabinoid healing options available at the click of a button right to your door, thanks to many years of very hard work by the SKMS and RCM Co. crews! Symptom specific relief, in easily managed capsules, with safe, reliable results fueling your body's own healing system.

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