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Veterans Savings 30% OFF

SKMS & RCM Co. have a long history with Veterans. Spread the healing.


"I would do anything for the SKMS crew. My son was gonna figure out a way to get his family paid with death benefits one way or another. The pain in his mind and body was just too much, but those VA pills made it so much worse. Those purple capsules turned his life around."

-101st Airborne Mother, Gardiner Maine


Now on the RCM Co. Menu, any 60 count bottle 30% Off, just $59.95 and $9 for Priority Mail Shipping 1-3 Days Continental U.S. for Veterans. That's our lowest capsule cost. Just send a picture of a DD214, some VA paperwork or other ID with your order.

Respect and appreciation for the opportunity to assist the healing journeys of some great people. Order with a credit card anywhere in the Continental U.S. receive it in 3 days or less.

Manufactured under regulation of Maine OCP, Maine Agricultural Dept, backed by FTC insured banks, and now independent clinical studies, years of doctor recommendations and client testimonials.

Opiates are well known for enhancing trauma and creating addiction. SKMS' first few hundred clients were referred from a contact at the Maine VA, and were largely comprised of nearly suicidal, heavily over medicated, severely traumatized incredible people.

The SKMS Purple Severe Pain Relief Capsule formulation was guided by their feedback and is credited with hundreds of successful opiate cessation journeys.

They work. The Sleep Assistance and Daytime Non Drowsy Relief shown below do as well.


"two of those purple pills and she's able to sleep through the night. The products are life savers. Thank you!!!"

-Army Ranger Iraq II, New Gloucester Maine



"I have a combat wounded veteran looking for very severe pain relief which isn't addictive, moved to Maine to get off a substantial prescribed opiate addiction, he heard about SKMS capsules, shall we pass along the SKMS number?"

-Dr. Dustin Sulak, Falmouth Maine


"the Recharge Capsules rock, thank you. Two after dinner, one before bed if I can feel its gonna be a rough one, and I sleep like a kid. Its priceless. No foggy, none of that slept but don't feel rested, thank you for these products!"

-Jim, USMC Veteran, ,Concord New Hampshire


Order with a card, Anywhere in the Continental U.S., any 60 Count Relief that helps, its that easy!

Not sure which Formula helps the most? Check out the Samples!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine

February 223, 2024

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