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"Use of Cannabidiol in Anxiety Disorders"

Can formulated Canna Meds Manage Anxiety Symptoms more Consistently & Safer than Pharma alternatives?

For practiced wholeplant cannabis alchemists, creating a formula to effectively manage a wide range of anxiety types consistently wasn't that hard, but its nice to see Science catching up to support what SKMS clients have attested to for years.

Israeli Cannabis research, which spent millions trying to identify a cannabis cure for seizures, came to one very definitive conclusion: it is impossible to isolate or engineer cannabis molecules for any consistent effect.

Performances were enhanced when cannabinoids remained bonded (the so called "entourage effect"), while desired effects became both unpredictable and non existent with restricted absorption of isolated molecules.

The research concluded that any desired performance point must come from the original source- the cannabis plant itself. In essence there was no re-engineering of what the plant had constructed molecularly. There could be concentration, refinement and slight alteration, but no separating, isolating or recombining or re-engineering.

And so, for SKMS, with the wide range of unique landrace strains, creating a formula which reliably relieved anxiety and guided the mind to calmer healthier spaces, was fairly intuitive and straight forward. The cool thing about plant medicine, is it typically teaches, or guides. Unlike pharma it does not perform by turning biochemical switches on and off in the mind, but by resetting the existing systems to healthier patterns.

By returning to these healthier patterns day after the day, the mental health challenges are not duct taped, but actually healed. And it is rare that people taking SKMS Anxiety Formulas do not eventually adjust or even eliminate their dosage, when they notice that they "think fine" without it. Their minds have found their way back to healthier neural pathways, and essentially, don't need the training wheels anymore. That is the wonderful thing about plant medicines. They generally actually heal, or teach, and generally do not create worse health scenarios by relieving symptoms.

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Send questions any time, we believe in sharing the old knowledge, plant medicine, and healing ways our peoples have almost forgotten.

Thanks for visiting and learning and best wishes on your health journey!!!

RCM Staff

January 19, 2023

Portland Maine since 2014

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