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the savings list: chronic symptom management

empathy runs deep at SKMS and RCM Co. for many years. #medicine #cannameds #savings #symptomrelief

Insurance for real canna meds would be nice, but then it would quadruple the cost and all our tax money would just make some insurance guys on Wall Street rich.

SKMS and RCM Co. staff understand long term symptom management costs, and more importantly, empathy.

SKMS has given hundreds of thousands of dollars of meds to clients in need, often for cancer relief, single mothers with seizure kids or veterans on fixed incomes.

SKMS has bailed homeless veterans best friends out of doggie jail, paid funeral expenses, paid rents and given a lot of money to fight child trafficking. Empathy is at the core of SKMS and RCM Co. operations since inception.

SKMS also makes chronic symptom management affordable. Whether you pile through the capsules or rely on those Sleep Chocolates every night, there's a serious savings option for you!

Next time you down a chocolate after dinner and think "thank God for these things" think 'wouldn't they be even better with savings and a month's supply by the bed?' Right??!

So check it out! And leave a comment if you'd like about your favorite combo of SKMS meds!

"My father was shut off all treatments and sent home in a wheelchair to die. He WALKED back into the oncology department a couple of months later to tell them what he thought of that thanks to SKMS. Could not thank you enough."

- M. Pomerleau, Greene Maine

"one of our patients was just here, has Leukemia, says the SKMS capsules are the only thing that stops the vomiting, can she call direct?"

-Dr. Sulak's Office, Falmouth Maine

"Prostate PSA levels significantly lower than after Healthcare's previous remission statement. All masses gone in scans. Oncology signed off"

-Healthcare Professional, Hartford CT

"I'm not sure what I would do without the SKMS Capsules. Of all the pharma I've been prescribed and canna meds I've tried, they are the only product providing a consistent relief"

-Heather in Concord NH

"I recently purchased SKMS capsules for Fibromyalgia and Arthritis from broken bones that I got from a car accident and these have helped so much! I still work 60 hours a week so it is hard to stay pain free. Thank you so much for these products!"

-Jay in South Portland, Maine

Have a testimonial of your health successes with SKMS meds? Leave it in the comments!

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