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the savings: chronic symptom management

our original 4-500 clients in the Maine Med program are still with us week after week. We understand that symptom management costs add up and we've always helped.

Buy any TWO 60 count bottles get ONE FREE!

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Number 2 .. so many symptom relief options. Have questions? Send us one with the link below.

Buy ANY 60 Count get a 24 Count FREE!

So many symptom options, chronic illness symptom reliefs, and more....

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Number 3

If you're feeling crappy, inflammation reduction, nausea relief, pain relief and sleep will help the most. Hundreds of testimonials, many from healthcare workers managing their own symptoms.

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Number 4... SLEEP.. precious sleep.

Sleep heals all.

One of the longest running continually used SKMS products made.

Sleep heals a lot, and we can't be whole without it.

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Number 5 .. for the sleep serious.

the combo 1-2 serious sleep assistance.. capsules and chocolates.

May be timed with dosage and absorption time to amend just about any sleep challenge, whenever you are unable to get to sleep or stay asleep.

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The Anxiety Sleep Relief Combo Pack. True healing, mind and body.

Change the mind heal the body. Heal the body change the mind. Works together or as a chicken and egg bad cycle. We can help.

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RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014



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