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RealCannabisMedicineCo understands the commitment of chronic illness and symptom management. Check out the ways we help out. #painrelief #chronicillness #medicalexpense

Sleep. A number one pursuit of many clients for years, and the first step to most symptom relief. Check out the savings options.

Sleep Chocolates in Bars or the original Truffles.

24 Pieces in the Bars, take 2-4 two hours before bed.

10 Truffles in the cartons, take 1 two hours before bed.

Ships Priority Mail continental U.S.

Combination Savings, Recharge Sleep Capsules and Daytime Anxiety Relief.

combine and save.

Cause its a chicken and egg cycle. Anxiety drives bad sleep, bad sleep drives more anxiety. Tackling both with healthier neural pathways and real rest can set new life rhythms.

Combine and Save any way that works. Pain Relief, Anxiety Relief, Better Sleep, Severe Pain Relief, Chronic Pain Relief, Migraine or Seizure Prevention, PTSD symptom relief and so much more. Virtually anything the endocannabinoid system can effect..which is a lot.

Buy 2 get one Free.

Buy one 60 count get one 24 count free.

Choose from all capsule products.

Want to see more of the safe health savings options? Check them out!


Best wishes on your sleep! Sleep heals all!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland, Maine since 2014

Sept. 19th, 2023


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