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safer Veteran relief nationwide

SKMS capsules have received hundreds of Veteran recovery testimonials since 2015, now available far from Maine. #gulfwarsyndrome #ptsd #combattrauma #insomnia #painmanagement


In 2015 SKMS started receiving hundreds of Combat Veteran referrals, and began a deep dive into safer and effective symptom relief for the wide range of symptoms associated with post active duty deployments under the Maine Medical Program.

In 2022 SKMS' national online company, RealCannabisMedicineCo. gained banking and regulatory clearance to make these safer health solutions available online, nationwide. Order with a credit card, ships priority mail.

The Purple Capsules are marketed for severe pain relief, but they affect a wide range of symptoms which contribute to pain, including PTSD and insomnia. Credited with numerous severe PTSD recoveries and a whole lot of pain management, they are a very special blend of favorite cannabinoid rich ancient Silk Road Strains.


A go to for IBS and Gulf War Syndrome, originally designed for Pediatric Seizures, the CherryWine real WholePlant CBD capsules are a very special medicine. Also an effective seizure and migraine prevention, which can have profound effects on certain types of pain. Nervous system,Enteric Nervous system and Digestive system regulation can be a great relief to some GWS symptoms.


Non drowsy, energizing but calming and focusing, while providing pain relief.. the Landrace Sativa yellow capsules are a very special solution for daytime mental health or physical pain symptoms. Can help with focus and motivation as well. Originally doctor requested for a client recovering from an IED attack who was really sick of sleeping all the time on pain relievers. Made from a selection of our favorite equatorial ancient sativa strains.

Have questions about your symptoms or dosage? The RCM Co. and SKMS expert staff is here to help! Send your questions!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine May 30th, 2024

O. 207.544.6744

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