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refer a friend and save

know someone who'd find relief from SKMS products? Refer and save!

Have a friend who'd benefit from safer effective pain relief, insomnia solutions, or chronic illness symptom relief, or so many other safe effective symptom relief alternatives?

Well who doesn't like helping a friend?

That's what got SKMS and RealCannabisMedicineCo this far, with so many testimonials and health journey success stories, for so many years- friends helping friends, spreading the word about safer relief options.

So, how does it work?

Super simple. Just place an order for Refer Relief to a Friend sample packs, tell us which samples would help in the question box, and fill in the ship to address, and your address as the billing address so we know who you are.

Your next order receive 5% off for the referral!

If your referral places an order receive 25% off your next order!

Simple as that!

Have questions? Drop us a note!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine January 20th, 2024


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