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Pesticides in Cannameds

Regulators find carcinogenic pesticides commonly in canna and solvents used to process them. #cannameds #productsafety #pesticides #cannabismedicine


Sensitivity of pediatric seizures originally directed the SKMS Kitchen to engineer a safer RSO symptom specific processing method which did not expose canna medicines to pesticide contents, or worse- concentrate them.

While watch dog groups have shown pervasive contamination of virtually all products derived from production grain in America, Monsanto has efficiently deterred critics with bigger marketing and more lawyers.

Recent blind state tests in California and Florida have also found widespread concerning contents of prohibited pesticides in regulated products in state sanctioned dispensaries as well.

However the bigger concern is often pesticides brought into the Cannabis production process from other plants than cannabis: Americas production grains, turned into solvents used for beer, alcohol, and alcohols such as Grain Alcohol and Ethanol used commonly cannabis extraction processes.

The challenge isn't just the presence of carcinogenic pesticides on solvents being used to process Cannabis for edibles and concentrates, it is that the evaporation temperature of Glyphosate is above 400 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning it cannot be removed without also evaporating or destroying all cannabinoids.

Most common alternate extraction techniques unfortunately, do just that- extract, and by doing so fracture the molecular performance of cannabinoids, which is collective- or synergistic, thereby removing the potentials of endocannabinoid system benefits. Cancer or seizures generally cannot be addressed successfully with conventional extract processes, such as Co2 extraction.

In 2018 SKMS released a water and Organic Coconut Oil Only concentration method to once and for all be done with concern of confirming the organic history of processing alcohols.

As opposed to modern 'extraction' techniques, while the SKMS method does produce a pharmaceutical grade powder, both a microscope and performance reveal, it is as if not more whole plant than even the simplest cannabutter emulsions.

Importantly this wholeplant fully bonded characteristic also provides greatly improved absorption and performance consistency over both conventional 'extraction' processes or traditional Rick Simpson Oil, reduced with high grade alcohol.

Both modern isolated cannabinoids, typically extracted with solvents or gasses, and then often recombined into commonly marketed 'full spectrum', by others sometimes referred to instead as 'full spectrum soup', have actual absorption ratios in the single digits typically. Meaning that if someone ingests 100mg of THC , they are actually lucky to absorb 2-5mg.

By providing originally and naturally bonded cannabinoids, with improved absorption, in a form ready and able to be adopted by the endocannabinoid system, people taking SKMS RSO capsules for symptom specific relief are able to achieve quicker and more reliable relief with each dose.

Quicker and more consistent relief usually translates to better patient outcomes. Usually a body must relieve symptoms before it can truly heal, and the endocannabinoid system can usually assist with both!

SKMS will continue to push the envelope on product performance and safety processes, and the engineering of ever better absorbing and performing canna medicines.

One thing the SKMS staff have learned well- there is always 'better', and chasing better has become a method in and of itself in SKMS operations.

Have questions about how Cannabinoids could relieve your symptoms or fuel your endocannabinoid system?

Hit up the expert staff at SKMS and RealCannabisMedicineCo!

Portland Maine June 24th, 2024

O. 207.544.6744

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