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how much to take? why its all about absorption

if one medicine absorbs 5 times more consistently than another, do we need to take as much, and does that mean it works better?

The story of Cannabis medicine's effectiveness, or even its lack there of, has always almost entirely been about the elephant in the room of medicine dosage discussions. It's not really dosage, or even so much 'what' works, as the 'how'.

After all, swallowing medicine is just the first step to actual effectiveness ..

It's really all about how it actually gets into us, its about: absorption.

Isolated cannabinoids, isolated THC, CBD, Delta 8 and similar, achieve 2-6% absorption at best according to some Pubmed studies and SKMS' own ten years of client interviews. This means if a person ingests 100mg of THC they actually absorb just

Studies using cannabinoids left closer to their original bonded states have demonstrated 40% and greater absorption rates in similar studies.

For someone trying to figure out how much to take, this can be confusing.

This means that a dosage of one fifth the size of the 100mg isolate dose above, just 20mg, would actually yield more relief and a greater absorbed dosage of 8mg. 20mg of a true wholeplant formula will also work more consistently, without a propensity for increased restriction, or a perceived increase in tolerance to the medication.

Isolated cannabinoids are the common cannabinoid ingredients in the vast majority of the U.S. market, from the candies at a medicinal or recreational dispensary in legal states, to those CBD internet gummies, even the ones hijacked with additions of THC at fed legal limits. Using isolated cannabinoids enables navigating federal THC limitations, for those who haven't figured out a better way. Unfortunately, as far medicinal uses apply, isolated cannabinoids just don't work, or don't continue to work, or don't work consistently. It's just all about absorption.

Unfortunately, most products marketed as 'not isolate', often called 'full spectrum' are essentially 'isolate soup', and just a combination of the same, yielding no greater degree of absorption and possibly and increased propensity for Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome, a chemical sensitivity reaction to isolated cannabinoids.

So what does affect absorption, and why is it important?

Surface area and absorbability.

While S.K.M.S. proprietary method for turning a plant oil into a powder doesn't use nanotechnology or pharmaceutical style absorption aids, nature's own properties are empowered to massively increase both surface area and absorbability.

What does this mean for symptom relief?

Consistency of Performance. We are confident no other cannabis medicine on the market can offer such consistent absorption, performance or symptom relief.

How do I know how much to take?

One of the wonderful qualities of true wholeplant medicine is how well the human body receives it. Even very large doses are typically reported as gentle and tolerable.

That said, the years of production and feedback of so many clients is to thank for an easy answer on the how much question.

Just take one, expect symptom relief to last 4-8 hours. If you would like greater amount of symptom relief, increase frequency- take them more often.

If managing a Chronic Illness or Severe Pain, feel free to reach out to us for some tips to make your days and nights even more tolerable. We've worked with a lot of people for a long time, from little kids to grandmothers and big tough combat veterans. The dosages are adjusted to be comfortable for anyone...just increase frequency to achieve more relief if needed.

For small children or pets, or anyone who knows their body metabolizes medicines amazingly well, all the capsule formulas are powdered, may be opened and dosed in smaller amounts to build confidence. Capsule contents can also be emptied into smoothies, yogurt or similar to further increase absorption.

Well over a million consumed, nearly countless testimonials, we hope we can help you on your health journey as well.

The endocannabinoid system works, and with the benefit of S.K.M.S.' years of work under the Maine Medical program and so many lives helped and changed, there are now safe, consistent effective canna medicines, and safer options, often even more effective, available far beyond the Maine borders. Just a priority mail package away.

Thanks for visiting!

SKMS Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

(207) 671-8387

The human digestive system lining identifies these isolated cannabinoids

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