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safer, reliable and effective alternative health over the counter solutions for #painmanagement #chronicillness #anxiety #insomnia and so much more now in Mass.

Adult or Medical Use, SKMS Products Provide Relief...

The most common prescription uses are for relief of daytime anxiety, sleep assistance and pain relief.

S.K.M.S. meds have been doing just that for a whole lot of people, safer and more reliably than over the counter or prescription options.

Affordable, reliable, consistent performing solutions, which actually fuel the healing mechanisms of your endocannabinoid system, and can be stopped any time.

Looking for more than common symptom relief? Conditions without solutions is how many cannabis medicines at SKMS came about. Our staff, including nationally recognized cannascience educators are ready for your questions. You can contact us below, and even set up a time to call!

Best wishes on your health journey! The Real Cannabis Medicine Co. and S.K.M.S. Staff and ten years of product development are here to help!


"Mastectomy cancelled, Lumpectomy instead. Those purple Capsules work. Wow. Thank you. I guess that would be an understatement."

-Jane in Dresden Maine


RCM CO. Staff

Portland Maine Nov. 8, 2023


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