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fact is, nobody knows

mountains of cannabis research have been accomplished since legalization, but few conclusive understandings exist. As often as cannabinoids are thought to have one behavior, they are sometimes proven not to. How did S.K.M.S. capsules navigate this fog of knowledge to produce consistent results? #evidencedbasedresearch #symptomrelief #skmszeroprocessedrsocapsules

CBN long held the urban myth of being the root of the "sleepy" potential in Cannabis, likely due to the observation that as cannabis gets older, or cures more, or proceeds further on a CBD Bell Curve of cannabinoids changing with heat over time- the greater the CBN content and the sleepier the cannabis in effect.

But some of us know- this isn't always true. Sometimes cured cannabis gets less sleepy over time. And in the last few years its been demonstrated that there is no clear relationship between "sleepy effects" and CBN content. In studies, higher CBN content had no increased effect on sleep.

How did S.K.M.S. navigate this to create reliable sleep products for example for the hundreds of Combat Veterans suffering from severe PTSD induced insomnia which comprised some of the first S.K.M.S. clients back in 2014?

Well, cultural knowledge as a starting point, an intimate knowledge of cannabis and its effects, and a whole lot of client feedback. Landrace cannabis strains collected from around the world over many years provided a unique and profile stable platform for medicine manufacturing. Guided by hundreds of weekly client feedback data points, these formulas were altered over time to steadily increase percentage of success. And they work, on anyone who can actually absorb cannabis.

Why? No one really knows, but we know that they are safe, effective, even endocannabinoid healing, so do we really need to know why? Someday the science will catch up.. .when biochemistry fully merges with quantum plant medicine research.

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

May 21st, 2023

(207) 671 8387


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