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endocannabinoid system & pain relief

learn how an ancient way, is now becoming the new way to safer pain relief #endocannabinoid #opiates #inflammation #paincycles

Opiates prescribed pain relief can provide substantial pain relief for many kinds of pain- short term, but are virtually guaranteed in most long term pain management to actually increase pain through a couple of key mechanisms. Essentially opiate based compounds can cause attention to pain to request an addiction fulfillment, and this is perceived of course, as pain relief needs, not addiction.

Opiate Pain Relievers are likely to alter attitude and mental health over time, making the mind more focused on pain, and essentially much less interested in improvement. A state of pain becomes a strange security blanket to the mind in some even.

The Endocannabinoid System is tasked with a wide range of system health management, which includes both cellular health, and systemic inflammation reduction.

Inflammation is the source of most pain, and inflammation removal is usually the first necessary step to the body healing the source of pain.

SKMS pioneered endocannabinoid based 100% plant pain relief formulations with the feedback of many hundred combat veterans starting in 2014. These formulations found solutions for both different kinds of pain, and different times of the day that pain relief is needed.

The organic nature of these formulation requests and their slow steady development guided by the weekly feedback of many different kinds of severe pain management cases, makes these formulation both tried and true, but extremely accessible. Dosages are convenient and appropriate.

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