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elderly symptom relief

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

it wasn't where we started with it, but its proved itself. symptom relief for #dementia #alzheimers #moodswings and #sundowning

originally designed per doctor and patient request, as a non drowsy pain reliever. Seemed simple enough, right? What with all that cannabis can do?

Well, yes and no. What Cannabis can do, and capturing that consistently, and getting it into a capsule was a little trickier. But leave it to a bunch of stubborn Mainers to figure it out.

what we didn't expect though, was the number of people who had great success sharing the SKMS Yellow Landrace Sativa Capsules with elderly house mates, often suffering from mental health conditions causing emotional swings, or sort of stuck in a couch lock or with other common dementia and alzheimer's related symptoms.

What we heard back was amazing reports of new neural pathways that were grounded, focused and positive, more engaged and with less emotional challenges.


"I gave my dad who sat in a chair all day, every day for months and said nothing, one of the yellow capsules with his breakfast. An hour later he walked into the kitchen and said "what needs doing around here that an old guy can handle?" Its literally been like that ever since. I love those things, but what is did for my Dad is just awesome."

Jim in Concord NH


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014



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