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daytime pain relief without drowsiness

non addictive, 100% plant safer solutions working with the endocannabinoid system.

The Yellow Landrace Sativa capsules provide a unique cannabinoid profile rarely grown in the cannabis or hemp markets providing an uplifting focusing yet grounding energy.

In this non addictive, endocannabinoid system healing 100% plant form this non drowsy pain relief is a wonderful addition to the lives of many S.K.M.S. client chronic pain managers.

Unlike Opiates it won't turn you into a zombie or form an addiction, altering your brain chemistry.

Unlike over the counter solutions, it won't destroy your guts or provide concerning side effects.

Because our endocannabinoid systems run on cannabinoids, and they are as natural to our bodies as Vitamins and Minerals. Every mammal on the planet has depended on them for health for many millions of years.

Curious to try before you buy? We can usually do that, if samples are in stock.

You might also check out the bulk buy specials like the Buy Two 60 Counts Get 1 FREE deal- we try to help out!

Got questions about your own pain management, or dosage? Contact Us! and send those questions along. RCM Co. and SKMS have national CEU accredited Cannabis Experts to answer your health-canna questions!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine Dec. 6th 2023

Founded in 2014


M-F 8AM-NOON EST 207.671.8387

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