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canna and the gym: fit faster with endocannabinoid therapy

inflammation reduction coupled with fitness makes for faster recoveries and quicker fitness building


Our bodies can only build muscle as fast as they can remove inflammation and repair damaged cells. The increased fitness and strength comes after the healing.

As we get older that recovery time can get slower, and fueling your body with the compounds it's systems crave can enable a quicker turn around.

More inflammation relief to those tired muscles, pain relief so we can rest, and sleep assistance so our bodies can go into that deep healing mode. Combined that means we can get back to the fitness sooner, and get more fitness faster.


“I pop a yellow about two hours before the gym, a pink in the car after, and a purple that night. With that routine I can hit the weights every other day and don’t wake up crippled. The SKMS capsules have become a core part of my fitness, I’m not as quick to recover as I used to be, but with them I recover almost as fast or faster.”

 Jeff, Austin TX


That's what the endocannabinoid system does, and your body can do it faster with wholeplant symptom specific cannabinoids that target just the right relief, developed over a decade with the daily feedback of hundreds of SKMS clients.

Now available to all nationwide since 2022, thanks to forward thinking regulators. Order online with a card, simple as that. Real meds for real people, nationwide. Cause healing should be consistent and safe and available.

And that has been the SKMS commitment from our first day!

Curious to learn more about the Endocannabinoid System? Well, here is an easy intro start into the reason chipmunks still look like chipmunks in Chernobyl, and how you can heal your body, faster and safer than many conventional health solutions:

So, wanna get strong again, just a little timid about that first morning, or pushing thru the aches and pains of working out?

Let the plants help!


"I wouldn’t be ‘in shape’ without the SKMS capsules, I’d be ‘a shape’ alright but not one I’d like! The morning after the gym was so bad I just wouldn’t go again. Those Purples at night after the gym are a lifesaver… for real, saved me a short trip to obesity and back to the health problems. I can hit the gym 3-4 days a week no problem. It’s just not that easy recovering as you get older”


Jenna, Providence RI


Have questions or comments? Leave them below or send them along to SKMS and RCM Co. expert healthcare educating staff with the button below!

Best wishes on your awesome health journey!


Portland Maine May 6th, 2024

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