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Win with consistency

Consistency of performance absorption is the difference between real relief and frustration. Click to learn how to get a win every time with SKMS absorption tech.

Published absorption ratios for cannabis medicine formats range in the single percentages for isolates and distillate, which comprise the vast majority of medical and recreational cannabis edible products, up to 40% with some cannabutter formats, and again as low as 2% with pure wholeplant products such as traditional Rick Simpson Oil. This means for every 100mg ingested, 2mg is actually absorbed.

The challenge of bridging the oil to water barrier- between plant oils and a human system, creates this challenge of finding consistent relief from the same dosage each time.

Consistency of absorption is really the bigger obstacle than the amount of absorption of a given medicine. The more difficult to absorb plant medicine formats such as traditional RSO have even more sporadic absorption ratios, meaning sometimes more gets through, sometimes less, working sometimes, and not at all others. This makes consistent symptom and dosage management impossible.

Even traditional RSO emulsified in MCT or Organic Coconut Oil, micronized and mixed to a near apparent purified mix, makes absorption of RSO particles through the digestive lining the equivalent of attempting to push a basketball through a HEPA filter.

Some wholeplant cannabinoids with the consistency of RSO can absorb by contact with the digestive lining (remember their the equivalent size of a grain of sand floating inside a pipe), but most RSO Cannabinoids flush out of the system. The degree of absorption is heavily influenced by current gut chemistry, and also varies typically, making dosage management of even wholeplant RSO challenging for most.


"Even traditional.. micronized RSO emulsified in MCT or Organic Coconut Oil .. makes absorption of RSO particles through the digestive lining the equivalent of attempting to push a basketball through a HEPA filter."


So what's the difference?

After regulatory pressure from corporate cannabis to discontinue production of traditional RSO capsules as technically in violation of FDA manufacturing regulations, (utilizing traditional RSO manufacturing processes without a federal alcohol processing license), S.K.M.S. developed a Zero Processing technique for RSO production, absent the use of any modern chemicals, alcohols, or lab techniques.

Aside from the regulatory obstacle, a primary concern was the trace levels of GMOs and other compounds in likely all, even organic labeled alcohols, which would increasingly be concentrated in future medicines as pollution levels rise over time.

Traditional Rick Simpson Oil

The end result was a format of wholeplant Cannabis medicine which was exempt from all federal processing regulations, by nature incapable of containing pollutants, but most importantly providing a dramatically improved absorption performance.

So how does it do it?

S.K.M.S. processes a traditional organic coconut oil concentrate from CBD rich Landrace strains, in targeted symptom specific recipes- for pain, anxiety, sleep, pain relief without sedation, energy, seizure prevention, Lyme symptoms and much more, each symptoms specific, a major leap from traditional bulk RSO, distillate or isolate edible products.

But the big difference in performance results for that pursuit of consistent relief is what happens next: this symptom specific organic coconut oil concentrate is then turned into a powder, stabilizing cannabinoid content, but most importantly providing a much faster absorption with consistent surface area, followed by a nearly flat curve of performance compared to typically more dramatic peaked performances of distillate, isolate or traditional RSO.

This improved and stabilized absorption makes finding reliable relief results from wholeplant medicine finally accessible, predictable and reliable, something most of us demand when seeking symptom relief.

By material nature, the oil to water absorption barrier is removed, and the material is able to absorb both initially and consistently as it passes through the digestive system.

Many concentrates will tend to deliver more absorption in the end of the dosage, or to experience a resurgence of absorption with activity towards the end of a dosage window- typically from the small intestines. By providing wholeplant RSO format cannabinoids in a particle format surface area of absorption is increased and consistency of performance improved.

Curious how S.K.M.S. capsule wholeplant medicine works?

Drop RCM Co. an address and an email to contact. We mail samples out every week day. Trying is believing, and there is nothing quite like the targeted symptom relief of real effective plant medicine.

Best Wishes on Your Health Journey! Be Well!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014


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