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why SKMS ditched the alcohol in RSO

starting in the '90s clean grains became increasingly hard to find, and by the time SKMS got deep into pediatric seizure work, it had become a real challenge.


Well, ya, there is that...

In Kansas when they're done harvesting the wheat and other grains that make American Alcohols of all kinds, the same that Rick Simpson Oil is made with, they plant a cover crop.

In the spring, they burn that cover crop off with a known cancer causing chemical called glyphosate.

The genetically modified wheat is then fertilized all summer with a mixture of more pesticides to make sure only it grows.

Yep, the same weed killer that's the subject of many million dollar cancer lawsuits is literally fed to the grains that are fermented and concentrated into Alcohol, and reduced into RSO. And the higher the alcohol content, the more glyphosate.

With an evaporation temperature over 400 degrees, the pesticides are impossible to remove without destroying cannabinoids. This makes for a literal toxic pesticide tincture, not the best for managing cancer or seizures.

A phone call from an organic grain alcohol supplier counseling they had their doubts about any of their sources being clean of pesticides, sealed the deal for SKMS transition to alternate non alcohol processing methods in 2017.

Two years and nearly a $100K on Cannabis flower material had already gone into SKMS' exploration of an alternate method of RSO production without Alcohol.

The Big Suprise.

Despite numerous failures to capture cannabinoids efficiently, in sufficient concentration or still bonded, it all resulted in an unexpected discovery, a reward for all the effort!

SKMS new version of Rick Simpson Oil, a water and organic coconut oil only processed pharma grade powder, managed to capture a wider range of cannabinoids and with greater molecular bonds achieved dramatically improved absorption.

Absorption is everything, and RSO's.. not so great.

While its wholeplant nature has demonstrated outstanding performance consistently, traditional Rick Simpson Oil achieves absorption on par with isolate, under 10%, but typically between 2 and 6%. So, for every 100mg ingested, 2-6 are actually absorbed.

By improving absorption, symptom relief, becomes both more effective and more manageable. 2% absorption can be a little hard to manage, beyond the dosage challenges of RSO's traditional concentration.

Symptom specific is where it's At.

Many clients helped develop the 8 symptom specific SKMS capsule formulas, and many of them had the same complaint and request before their first purchases.

RSO is often made from what's left over in a cannabis grow operation, and that means the cannabinoid profile is different every batch. For real medical patients, managing real symptoms, this becomes difficult to work with and can translate to varied levels of healing and frustration.

SKMS capsule formulas were developed for specific symptom relief, and maintain cannabinoid profile consistency across batches of millions of capsules. This helps a client know that any variation in relief is in their body's absorption or symptom severity, which can make all the difference chasing symptom relief.

Proof is in the Results.

PSA levels, SKMS Capsules Week 1 & 2

SKMS alcohol free powdered RSO capsules have consistently achieved results faster than the previous alcohol concentrated versions of the same, formula to formula, symptom relief to symptom relief. Onset is typically quicker, and performance curves flatter, meaning more consistent longer lasting relief, per mg. All without alcohol, just clean water.

In 2022 these capsule formulas were clinically trialed and found to outperform the science supporting the results of their cannabinoid profiles- a testimony to aborption, and the entourage effect of truly bonded cannabinoids.

Want to know more about the SKMS capsule formulas relief? Send your questions to the RCM Co. Staff, expert healthcare Continuing Education Cannabis Biochemistry Teachers!


SKMS & RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine 2014-May 20th, 2024

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