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why does the SKMS anxiety relief formula... work?

Updated: 5 days ago

formulating specific symptom relief that works consistently, can be like unraveling a mystery. #anxiety #entericnervous #neuralpathways #endocannabinoidhealing


Wired, can't sleep, bad dreams, spinning thoughts, overwhelmed, hot or cold, sweaty, clammy, a buzzing in the body, even migraines, panic attacks, night terrors, disorientation and seizures.

Many of us have been there, its the not-so-fun-ride called severe anxiety. Could be a PTSD event and the healing that follows, or just too much too fast for too long. There are lots of reasons the mind gets pushed to the 'react emergency' state.

Contemplating cannabinoid profiles to relieve these symptoms can generate sympathy for the overwhelming complexity which faced the pharmaceutical industry in the same pursuit decades ago.

Is anxiety in the mind or the body? If we adjust one, will the other just keep the ride going? Is it systemic, or regenerated by the mind's neural pathways continually? If we sedate the whole system, does it leave the patient still functional? Is it addictive? Can the person be healed back to a healthier, more balanced state?

The cannabinoid profile equivalent of 'sedated' many would equate to large doses of wholeplant CBD, containing enough fully bonded THC and additional cannabinoids to facilitate absorption past those CBD receptors that don't actually exist. And this, in some cases, some SKMS clients have found is not just an effective relief, but a course which leads to systemic rebalance.

But in general, despite the hype, for the vast majority of all different kinds of anxiety relief seekers, large consistent doses of even wholeplant CBD, such as the SKMS CherryWine Capsules, are typically reserved for true nervous system dysregulations, enteric nervous system and related, and not so much a neural pathway thing or an effective anxiety reliever.

The challenge is, for most of us, anxiety is both. It is both 'in' the body, and 'regenerated by the mind', by neural pathways stuck in a fight or flight mode and fueling the whole chicken and egg, which came first cycle that leads to stressed out days and bad sleeping nights.

So how did SKMS find a solution that provides Anxiety Relief and actually guides the mind back to calmer neural pathways? Well, the lucky thing is, we didn't need to exactly know 'why' something worked, just that it worked, and how to recreate that relief consistently.

So how did SKMS find a solution that worked for so many different kinds of people so consistently?

We smoked a lot of cannabis. No, really. No joke, SKMS staff sampled a lot of different pure landrace ancient cannabis strains from all over the world, and in actuality- the anxiety relieving solution found SKMS.

In fact, SKMS staff really didn't plan on producing an 'anxiety relief capsule formula' until we stumbled across some very special northern Pakistan Landrace Cannabis, genetics literally untouched since the days of the Silk Road.

And wow did it relieve anxiety. Like 'poof' and 'what was I even thinking being so stressed out about all that??!' It didn't just calm us down, it provided a fundamental shift in perspective- which the mind found healing, which calmed the body down, and fundamentally changed daily experiences of stress. Probably not surprising coming from a land torn by war and stress for a very long time.

So how did SKMS prevent the chicken and egg cycle that becomes anxiety in the mind and body? Well we did add some of our favorite enteric nervous system calming CherryWine wholeplant CBD, and some of our favorite very grounding Himalayan genetics.

And, importantly to truly healing anxiety cycles- we promote sleep. Good sleep and plenty of it. Sleep is so important to managing anxiety successfully or even maintaining good mental health.

Inflammation builds up in our brains during activity, sleep removes it. If you've noticed you may feel a little dumber when super tired- that's inflammation. This can also make it harder to see the world without excess emotion. Excess emotion can lead to more anxiety... and the cycle continues.

But you know what our favorite part about the SKMS Anxiety Relief strain is?

How many people just forget to take it. And feel fine. Often don't realize they've forgotten to take it for days or weeks. It is not addictive, it just calms the mind and body down and reboots the system from a calmer, more natural state of being. After all, that's what the endocannabinoid system does- systemic adjustment.

Want to learn more? Send your questions or click on the product link below.


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine July 10th, 2024

O. 207.544.6744

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