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what the cannabis industry should know about metals

'hot' test results in Cali flower reveals a need for increased vigilance to consumer safety #metaltoxicity #consumersafety #cannabismedicine #moleculartransfer #stainlessteel

A recent California flower crop testing hot for chromium from what was thought to be Kitchen grade Stainless Steel has revealed two important points to consumer safety in the cannabis industry:

First, that many working in the cannabis industry are not aware how easily cannabis absorbs metals and how dangerous this can be to consumer safety when inhaled or consumed.

And second, that many are not aware which metals are safe for use and how to identify them. The easy distinguishing characteristic of real stainless steel is- a magnet won't stick to it.

This is essentially because Culinary grade Stainless Steel isn't used because it is the hardest metal, which it is not. Stainless Steel is used because it is magnetically balanced far better than most metals, which 'shed' at a molecular level continually.

Cannabis in its raw form is very susceptible to absorbing metals by this molecular level 'shedding' or from microscopic particulate transfer as from shears. The California crop which tested dangerously hot for Chromium was linked to single cuts with shears thought to be safe, but actually containing a significant Chromium content and likely a softer imported metal compound.

Grinders, Cutting Tools, Processing Surfaces, Preroll production and Kitchen Equipment used for processing raw cannabis can all contribute to metal content in flower used for smoking or consumed in a processed edible formats. In many edible formats toxins are actually concentrated as it takes a lot of flower to make a smaller amount of an extract such distillate, isolate or similar products and toxins can easily remain in the product through the whole process.

Especially since taking on Pediatric Seizure cases many years ago, SKMS is extremely conscious of toxin potentials and protecting the safe processes of SKMS cannabis growing, harvesting and medicine production. Operations are chemical and metal free, aside from a Bottle of Bleach in a closed closet. Pediatric seizures can be very sensitive to toxins in food, in the air, even on surfaces.

RealCannabisMedicineCo. and SKMS staff are thrilled to bring these safer and proven effective endocannabinoid system-fueling 100% plant symptom relief solutions to so many beyond the Maine borders!

Its a brand new world with incredible access to real and safe, proven effective, doctor prescribed, clinically trialed wholeplant medicines! Shipped right to doors and real people needing relief all across America.

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RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine June 26th, 2024

O. 207.544.6744

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