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What is a Landrace and why?

what is a landrace cannabis strain and what's the story behind their use in S.K.M.S. RSO Capsules? #rso #ricksimpsonoil #endocannabinoidhealth #skmszeroprocessedrsocapsules

What is a Landrace Cannabis Strain?

A landrace strain is a variety of cannabis plant or genetic variety of cannabis plants which has less diluted DNA than other strains. Typically this describes a strain or particular variety of cannabis, usually with its own unique leaf shapes and overall structure, and with unique aromas (terpene profiles) and cannabinoids, which has been grown in a specific geographic region for a great length of time, typically centuries, usually by the same peoples farming there.

Legendary Landrace strains you may have heard of from elders of another age of Cannabis such Malawi Gold, Acapulco Gold, Columbian Red, Lambs Breath and others were native strains, typically made more popular by western tourists, but which were consumed by local peoples for many generations.

Often times Landrace strains do have reputations for specific effects, or symptom relief benefits.

How did S.K.M.S. decide on Landrace strains as the primary ingredient in symptom relief capsule products?

S.K.M.S. marketed a variety of modern day hybrids as flower and edible medicines in its first year of operation, which largely served Combat Veterans seeking PTSD symptom relief, sleep and pain relief.

Client feedback quickly revealed challenges in using most modern hybrids as symptom relief solutions. Hybridized strains provided consistently different results from client to client, even from day to day with the same clients. A strain that would help one person sleep would keep another up all night.

While the potential for these opposing performances are a characteristic of cannabis, the endocannabinoid system and even plant medicine in general to a great degree, what S.K.M.S. clients reported was not that the cannabis hybrid strain selections provided needed and fitting just not desired results (as in wanted to stay awake, but the cannabis reminded the body it really did need to sleep), but that these strains provided erratic and unpredictable not desired or health helpful results, even within the same person from one dosage to another.

At the same time S.K.M.S. staff and clients noticed remarkable uniformity in performance of many older, Landrace strains, collected for years by staff members who grew up near Maine's legendary fishing and smuggling industry, which brought cannabis from as far as South America and South East Asia for decades.

These Landrace strains eventually became the components of symptom specific S.K.M.S. capsule products, such as the Sativa Energy formula, the Recharge sleep assistance formula and the Severe Pain Relief formula.

Feedback from a client base of almost 500 serious symptom relief seekers, provided consistently, often weekly for years, enabled fine tuning both the strain ingredients and concentrating methods to maximize both performance and consistency of performance.

These strains, carefully manipulated by time and heat can provide a wide range of predictable symptom reliefs, which are endocannabinoid healing, non addictive, inflammation reducing, safe solutions to common but real health challenges, which often incur the use of Pharmaceuticals with side effects of potential concern.

We hope S.K.M.S. and Real Cannabis Medicine Co. can help you on your health journey, or even help live a fuller, pain free, anxiety free or better rested life.

Send questions any time- there is a contact page from the menu above, and you can email the contact info below. We love to share the knowledge.

Best wishes on your health journey!

RCM Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

May 31, 2023


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