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What comprises great medicine making?

Is it a party favor or medicine?


Medicine making demands Chef and chemist level attention and comprehension of elements, but like good lettuce does not guarantee a tasty salad, these skills are just a platform for potential.

Engineering and refining meds- not talking THC gummies, but real symptom specific meds- that work consistently across many people, that actually change minds and bodies, require real commitment and a deep affinity with the medicine, oneself and other humans.

Envisioning, assessing and adjusting ingredients and processing methods based on results requires an understanding of one's own mind and body - and of how that relates to one's own unique relationship with cannabis effects

- and most importantly: how that stands relative to others.

Otherwise, we're just the blind leading the blind.

SKMS spent many delivery years in the Maine Medical Cannabis Program, standing in people's dooryards (ya that's a Mainer term) listening to their symptoms and how the meds worked for them this week as opposed to last week. Listening to and really understanding others is a requisite skill to medicine engineering.

SKMS and the RealCannabisMedicineCo have manufactured millions of symptom specific RSO capsules, pioneered a dozen condition specific wholeplant cannabinoid formulas since 2014, which racked up numerous doctor endorsements, and hundreds of impressive testimonials before outperforming expected results of a clinical trial in 2022 after going national. The meds' performance is so well established many clients are senior healthcare professionals.

Curious how your endocannabinoid system can help you? Check it out!


SKMS & RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine May 30, 2024

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