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what canna industry needs to know about metals

recent findings reveal the absolute need to adhere to culinary standards adjacent to raw cannabis, when high metal contents were acquired during processing.

Cannabis Oil Collection in Culinary grade Ceramic Coating and a Culinary Stainless Strainer

Cannabis' potential for absorbing metals and other toxins in soil has been well established and been an obstacle to widespread growth of the hemp industry on agricultural lands known to be contaminated with pesticides.

The potential for harvested cannabis to absorb metals simply by contact, sometimes even brief, as in the case of the regulatory action in the article above which found shears were responsible for unsafe chromium levels in final products, is fairly new knowledge to much of the industry.

So if you grow it at home or have a friend who might process some of their own on occasion, pass on the info- if its not up to culinary steel standards, keep it clear of the green!

At the S.K.M.S. kitchen which manufactures the wonderful life changing symptom relieving products available from Real Cannabis Medicine Co. online, clients have long made us aware of these safety issues, most commonly relative to the extreme environmental sensitivity of numerous pediatric seizure clients.

Some of these kids get seizures from exposure to the most minute amounts of modern chemicals, and have a very bad day. With this awareness, the S.K.M.S. kitchen policies and staff have long been hyper aware of toxin potentials, and all processing equipment meets commercial culinary standards, and is licensed for the same under the state of Maine.

If you have questions about RCM products our S.K.M.S. safety standards, product histories or ingredients, feel free to drop us a message any time!

Best wishes on your health Journey!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

Co. Cell: 207.671.8387


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