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what can't cannabinoids affect? Not much.

that's why 5 wealthy families got them banned when they launched the Pharma industry, cause pharma could never heal as well as the #endocannabinoidsystem

from the minute to the systemic, from cellular health to systemic health, the endocannabinoid governs the body's state of being. It can remove cancerous cells and rebalance blood sugars, prevent systemic wide nervous system seizures or remove localized pain. It knows your body better than healthcare and holds all the controls.


"A second type of cannabinoid receptor, the CB2 receptor, exists mostly in our immune tissues and is critical to helping control our immune functioning, and it plays a role in modulating intestinal inflammation, contraction, and pain in inflammatory bowel conditions. CB2 receptors are particularly exciting targets of drug development because they don't cause the high associated with cannabis that stimulating the CB1 receptors does (which is often an unwanted side effect)."

Dr. Peter Grinspoon, Harvard University


So why didn't we have access to this relief and healing all along?

Well, because five famously wealthy American families got together in the 1930s, pioneered this idea about 'better living through chemistry' and manipulating human health with engineered molecules which they would hold the patents for. A literal plan to legally hijack human health. That rolled forward all the way to their lobbyists getting to President Nixon and Congress for the Controlled Substance Act in 1971, making even possession a very serious crime and preventing any cannabis research.


People have been writing books about this and lobbying for decades. Many political protestors have done a lot of jail time for it, to protest the banning of the most ancient medicine to man, the only medicine incapable of harm and capable of almost infinite healing.

Of course they wanted to ban it. Well, that foolishness is over, and now we're here.

So, lets get to the safer healing.


"my daughter made it through first day of 1st grade today. She rode the bus home, she had a big grin, she painted a picture, she got an award, and she was herself, not drugged, I'm trying to keep it together I'm so relieved. This medicine has given us something so priceless back. Thank you."

Susan in Portsmouth NH


Pain relief without addiction.

Mental health healing that doesn't make you worse.

Sleep that actually leaves you rested.

Neural pathway healing that leads the most lost and dark spaces back to the light.

Cancer cases that get better and discover a new path in life.

Little kids sending us thank you letters that they made it through school without seizures.

That's what we're talking about.

And we want you along for the ride. Cause we all have a health journey.


"I had an SKMS Sleep Chocolate every night for about a month. One morning I walked downstairs and told my cheating husband to GTFO. I walked next door and told my heroine junky user nephew to move back to where he came from. I came back into the house and called my job and gave two weeks notice. I work for a charity now. Shoulda done all of that 10 years ago. Those chocolates saved my life. Just amazing."

Jill in Edgecomb Maine



Reach out. We got this together. Let's get to a better way of living, let our own body's show us the way back.

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine February 12th, 2024

"SKMS Helps Change Lives"


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