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Upgrade your life. Downsize the anxiety

anxiety keeps us from sleeping well,. enjoying life, having positive relationships, and even just getting through the day. And its also a number one root source of illness. But we can help, and life can be so much better.

A safer reliable path to a better living experience...

You may have heard of the "cascade effect"?

that's where British Med Society figured out that Benzos and a number of other first choice pharma anxiety meds caused a cascade of health events resulting in, commonly, what's called 'chronic depression or anxiety', usually as a result of disengagement of the enteric nervous system caused by a whole lotta digestive system irritation.

But plant meds don't do this. Plant meds guide a mind back to original neural pathways, kind of like training wheels on a bike, pretty cool! The endocannabinoid system does not block neural pathways like pharma, it instead encourages the healthy ones and helps shut down the over activity of the medulla organ in our brains, sometimes called "the fear factory", it likes to make us thing about all the bad things that could happen all the time- a defense mechanism from a different time when survival was harder, but not that healthy these days.

Wondering if plant meds are for you? Well, they are healthier. They work with your body's own endocannabinoid system, tasked with healing you from a cellular to a systemic level, and all mammals have depended on them for millions of years. And they are incapable of toxicity. Would you like to try?

Give us a shout for a free sample, try a new path. And you the doc probably or hopefully, or maybe didn't even have time to mention... more and better sleep, less sugar and food toxins, and more exercise and time spent doing things that are positive to you, will make a big difference to how we feel too!

Take care of yourself, no one else will!

Best wishes on your health journey, hit us up for some free samples!

RCM Staff

Portland Maine since 2014



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