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updated labeling!

new labels for the Anxiety Relief and Recharge Sleep Assistance Capsules!

Anxiety and Insomnia.. the chicken and egg cycle.

The #endocannabinoidsystem can help with that.

Carefully selected CBD rich landrace strains collected from the corners of the world, carefully processed to provide that deep restful sleep we all need.

Cause we literally cannot be mentally healthy, physically healthy or happy without it. And we tend to fall short for those that care about us- or at least we could do better, when we're better rested.

Sleep removes inflammation in the brain- its about the only time it happens well in a 24 hour cycle. Without inflammation reduction in the brain, we literally don't think the same, are prone to being guided by emotional medulla oblongata "fight or flight" thoughts. Its not a great place to be, for us, or the people around us.

So- sleep, because it heals, and help guide those anxious neural pathways by day... and pretty soon, its a whole new pattern.

So, Flip that switch, change that narrative. Life is how we see it, and we see it better with healthier thoughts and more sleep. You deserve it.

Discover the natural, healing, non addictive health solutions that our own body provides. Mammals have had endocannabinoid systems healing them since the beginning of their time, it is what has enabled our species survival- it works!

Question? Give us a shout- message us on the website, email us at or text us any time at 207.671.8387

We love to spread the knowledge!


RCM Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

September 11th, 2023


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