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two super low THC, effective pain relief options

some bodies absorb THC so well, they don't nee much to find relief. #wholeplantmedicine #skmszeroprocessedrsocapsules

All SKMS capsules and chocolates medicines have been adjusted by over many years of hundreds of clients' feedback, to be a comfortable and effective single dose for all sizes and kinds of bodies. One can take them more frequently to achieve more relief.

100% Plant Fully Bonded & Naturally Powdered Symptom Specific RSO Capsules

But some bodies experience being especially sensitive to THC , and though it can give relief, it can also give a sense of excess easily. In our experience this is actually due to absorption. Some digestive systems don't need as much to get as much.

SKMS manufactures three super low wholeplant THC formulas for many years. Each were doctor or client requested originally, and subsequently refined by many pain management and chronic illness cases.

Effective symptom relief for a wide range of conditions, from parasitic infection symptoms from Lyme, Babesia or Anaplasmosis, to chronic arthritic pain, IBS and Crohn's symptoms, chronic injury pain, post surgery, migraines, neuropathic pain, pediatric pain management and those nagging aches we all get as we get older.

Relief for Chronic Pain: A unique 2:1 blend of our favorite pain relieving ancient Silk Road strains collected from Eastern Pakistan and Afghanistan.


Not a CBD formula, but formulated to be gentle to those less tolerant of THC.

The Chronic Relief Formula purple and clear capsules are commonly used for pain relief from chronic Arthritis, Injury, mild Neuropathy, MS and Parkinson’s symptoms, as well as relief from nerve pain parasitic infections such as Lyme, Babesia and Anaplasmosis.


The Chronic Relief capsules have also been used for pediatric pain management.

CherryWine real WholePlant CBD:

originally formulated at the request of Dr. Dustin Sulak for pediatric seizure cases, commonly used to manage IBS and related digestive symptoms, as well as unpredictable neuropathic pain, migraines and arthritis. Recently clinically trialed with great success for digestive distress symptom relief.

The result of four years of strain hunting, and three years of processing refinement, the Pink Capsules can be extremely effective on many symptoms.

If nervous system pain is more the thing, the demonstrated effectiveness of the CherryWine real Whole Plant CBD dominant capsules may be just the thing for you.

SKMS capsules and chocolates symptom relief solutions ship M-F from Maine nationwide thanks to some helpful regulators in 2022.

Safer, more consistently performing natural plant medicine is just a click away from priority mail to your door!

Have questions? hit up the nationally accredited, Healthcare educating cannabis biochemistry experts on the SKMS staff with your dosage or symptom relief questions! They love to help spread the news about safer ancient healing.


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine June 13th, 2024

O. 207.544.6744

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