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the story behind the cherrywine capsules

S.K.M.S. avoided pediatric work for years, and then a local doc ambushed them with three little girls with seizures. Like everything at S.K.M.S., there was no 'half way'...

It took the better part of three years, three different CBD dominant Cannabis Strains and a whole lot of breeding and what's called 'phenotype hunting' to achieve the ultimate goal of pediatric seizure reduction with the S.K.M.S. Pink/Pink Capsules- actual near 100% seizure reduction, and not just the noticeable ones, but the pesky minor ones only the MRI scans pick up.

Strain, phenotype of that strain, and a lot of processing adjustments of the S.K.M.S. Cherrywine Cannabis Strain Capsule Powder, enabled the final result of awesome patient outcomes- what we all want so much- but it took a lot of work.

S.K.M.S. has received hundreds of doctor referrals for seizure and related symptoms, often parasitic infection related, and nearly as many testimonials of performance, some well documented by healthcare diagnostics.


"the last 4 hour cap I got at the hospital was the best yet, near 100% seizure reduction, and the best yet after years of every pharma they could put me on. The pink capsules work better than anything so far."

Jen Miller, Woolwich, ME


Curious if the Pink Cherry Wine capsules might be the prevention or relief cure to your nervous system related symptoms, or chronic inflammation, anxiety attacks or migraines? RCM Co. mails samples out weekly, check the link to order below.

Life with migraines, seizures, or any of the nervous system batch of symptoms can be really stressful, tends to build on itself. Calmer nerves and better sleep can make all the difference. Symptom relief combined with doc's accurate antibiotic applications certainly enabled many S.K.M.S. clients better recoveries from parasitic infections. Without sleep or with lots of tough symptoms, its hard to get better.


Send questions any time!

RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

August 23, 2023

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