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check out the deals to help your symptom relief bottom line

Buy One 60-Count get One 24 count FREE

the intro deal: better sleep and anxiety relief, pain relief and chronic illness relief, headache prevention and parasitic infection symptoms, opiate cessation symptoms and PTSD symptoms?

That and much more. Check out all the options in 60 count or 24 Count Bottles:


The popular Buy Two Get One FREE deal.

Nearly endless symptoms relief options, but Anxiety Relief Formula, Recharge Sleep Formula and Severe Pain Relief Formula is probably the most popular combo.


The ever popular Sleep Chocolate Truffles now finally per so many requests.. in a Bar. Take 2-4 pieces for a great nights rest. Suffering from severe pain, crazy anxiety, PTSD symptoms or addiction? take a couple more pieces.

You'll thank yourself in the morning. Cause great sleep makes everything better.


We ran out of packaging for a couple of weeks but we are back in action now!

The longest running S.K.M.S. product, taken nightly by the S.K.M.S. crew and so many more for many years. Capable of inducing remarkable quality sleep. Generally one works, for tough cases two, for really tough cases can space them out a few hours apart. Take 1-2 hours before bed. 10 foil wrapped truffles per carton.


Same deal as above- daytime pain relief, anxiety, parasitic infection symptoms? S.K.M.S. chocolates can help with more than sleep. WholePlant Cherrywine strain CBD chocolates, and landrace sativa chocolates. Buy any Three and get one FREE.


Probably the most popular combo order at RCM Co. for obvious reasons. This world does tend to generate anxiety in many of us, and we all need better sleep. The 1,2 step to a seriously better living experience, and better health. And savings helps the anxiety too.


Think your sleep challenges are incurable? we've met a lot of people who said that. The endocannabinoid system and ancient plant medicine full of the proper endocannabinoids can change all of that. For the serious insomniac, some serious savings.


Undecided? Put an order in for FREE samples Packs. Trying is believing and cannameds are well established as incapable of overdose, toxic effects free, and literally work with the body's own endocannabinoid system. Check with your doctor before combining with those sometimes sketchy pharma pills, and definitely don't combine with benzos, but if you're looking or a safer more reliable solutions.... well, try them.. free!


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine since 2014

June 23rd, 2023

Contact Us: (207) 544-6744


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