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the safer and effective anxiety relief solution

targeted endocannabinoid therapy can provide safer and consistently effective, non dependent tools to help guide the mind back to calmer rhythms #anxiety #anxietyrelief

The Anxiety Relief Formula

the most common go to formula for relief of anxiety related symptoms, which can certainly amplify other health issues, such as pain management, cortisol levels, and healing potentials. they work well, and we love that people often just seem to not need them anymore after a period of time. the endocannabinoid system can help restore healthier neural pathways. The more we think healthy thoughts, and feel in a safe healthy way, the more likely we are to inhabit that space every day and live a healthier and happier life.

Provided in a balanced CBD and THC profile in uniquely fully bonded cannabinoids, generally not available elsewhere, which provide better absorption and a more consistent effect. You should find the anxiety formula capsules very comfortable and a minimal dosage though calmingly effective, and can be easily integrated immediately into your day.

As always, never mix with pharma without consulting your doctor, but otherwise, cannabinoids are as natural to your body, and every mammals' body, as water and vitamins.

100% plant contents, carefully processed from living soil grown CBD rich landrace strains selected from around the world, this formula prompts a kind of calm restorative neural pathway guidance which can put things back in perspective and lend a more grounded feeling to the day. Made of Cannabis, Organic Sunflower, organic plant fiber and Coconut oil in a powdered format which may also be added to smoothies or portioned if helpful.

Most people just take one in the morning, some take two.

Some take one morning and afternoon.

You can adjust dosage from day to day as you feel fits best, and you can stop at any time. There is no addiction to cannabinoids. Cannabinoids act by interacting with and fueling the body's own endocannabinoid system, which requires cannabinoids to do its thing- it is the body's own repair mechanic and system master controller. Endocannabinoid healing is really, like helping the body- or the mind, to heal itself.


RCM Co. Staff

Portland Maine Dec. 1st 2023

Founded in 2014


M-F 8AM-NOON EST 207.671.8387

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