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the real deal with Lyme Disease

more often misdiagnosed than identified.. it can be a doozy. #endocannabinoidhealing

SKMS capsules have aided many Lyme and parasitic infection recoveries.

And we've learned a few things along the way, that you may not hear from your doctor.

Many Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Patients were re-diagnosed as actually having Lyme Disease 'presenting as the symptoms of another neurological condition'.

Unfortunately confirming the electron microscope sized Lyme spirochetes in the blood stream is difficult. To our knowledge the only Lab commonly available to send blood samples to for testing is called IGenex in California. SKMS previously worked with a Doctor specializing in Lyme Disease who would commonly send blood tests until a positive was confirmed, sometimes several times. For reasons we don't know, some of the most chronic cases are very hard to confirm, but a positive test is a positive.

Lyme infections can be neurological in nature affecting a wide range of symptoms from mental to physical, and is often associated with chronic fatigue- or misdiagnosed as another condition. The good news is, many of the 'other conditions' are generally not that fixable- and Lyme and other parasitic infections often can be overcome.

So how does one heal? Well the first step is safe symptom relief, like most conditions. The body needs symptom relief before it can heal. A doctor familiar with Lyme can also prescribe various antibiotics, which often have a profound effect. Some of these antibiotics come with risks and side effects and we recommend against them, given some adverse events in SKMS clients.


"of all the pharma I've been subscribed and canna I've tried the SKMS CherryWine CBD capsules are not only the only thing that has really worked, but the only med that has worked every time the same way"

-Heather, Concord New Hampshire


Parasitic infections seem to love sugary diets, and overhauling a diet to be super healthy is often a key step to recovery. Cut the carbs and the sugars, especially the processed sugars.


Lyme disease, which is caused by spirochetal bacterium was first known to mimic neurodegenerative disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and Parkinson's disease in documented cases between 1995 and 2003

source: pubmed,


Some clients have had profound success with a combination of D-Mannose and pure organic Cranberry extract, both typically in capsules, similar to treating a UTI, but typically in a higher dose and taken 3-4 times every 24 hours.

SKMS CherryWine capsules have been called a 'life saver' by many clients suffering from parasitic infection symptoms. They do a wonderful job of reducing many or most of the wide range of symptoms safely, and better than available over the counter or prescription relief options- of which there really aren't any that are very effective.

They are available on the RealCannabisMedicineCo website shipping nationally priority mail, or in select stores in Maine and Massachusetts. Order today, priority mail nationwide, free shipping, relief on your doorstep in no time!


My last diagnostic cap was the best ever, almost zero recordable seizures and no observable ones, that's after years of trying every pharma option they could stuff into me.

 - Jenn D in Woolwich ME


Have questions? SKMS and RealCannabisMedicineCo expert staff is here to help, with years of Healthcare educating and client histories to contribute to your health journey!


Portland Maine April 29, 2024

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